If I purchase a Maschine + and a S88 can I use them in tandem without using a computer?

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I am in the market for a new MPC as my old Mk 2 Maschine is no longer supported by NI. I recently bought Komplete 13 and was disappointed I could not run the software because of this phasing out of the Mk 2. If I bought a Maschine + and an S88, could I use them both without the use of a computer? Also, could I connect the HDD of Komplete 13 to the USB port and have access to the new VSTs? Just wondering if it would be the 'dream team' I think they would be together. If I spend this amount of money I would like to know beforehand if these items are all compatible. Thank you!!!😁

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    The Maschine + allows for only a limited library in Standalone mode as outlined here...

    Production Systems : Maschine Plus : Sounds | Maschine (native-instruments.com)

    so you cannot just hook up the Komplete 13 drive and install things. (no Third party stuff either)

    You can use the S88 the + in standalone mode, but it is not clear if there is Tight integration via USB or if you need to use the KB in midi mode only using the Midi in/out Din ports...maybe someone else can shed light on that.

    A lot of questions are answered on this page.

    Production Systems : Maschine Plus : Faq | Maschine (native-instruments.com)

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    All MK2-KK keyboards work with Maschine Plus, for everything else it's as Blindeddie said. Only a tiny portion of K13 works on M+ so what you're envisioning is not possible in standalone mode, only in controller mode.


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