Trouble with Installation Traktor Audio 6

DenisIaquinta Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


I was gifted a Traktor Audio 6HW like this one here:

I connected the power cable and the DC light is orange as well as the THRU (Phone B).

I don’t understand the hardware so far.

I tried to connect my E-Guitar to it through the Main Line in on the front of the device.

I also connected my Palmer active speakers with chinch cables at the back of the device, but unfortunately nothing happens.

I also tried to connect my MP3 player instead of my E-Guitar, but also no output.

Is it even possible to use this device for anything else then vinyl players?

Do I need to connect the device via usb with my computer in order to run it as an audio interface?

Guess that’s it.

Thanks already to everybody helping me to create an understanding.



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