Export ALL playlists to USB stick to play on someone else's Traktor

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Hey all,

I have a pretty large collection (over 12,000 tracks) sorted into hundreds of playlists. I'm playing at a party in a couple of weeks where there will be a computer with traktor on it and a controller. I'd like to be able to export my collection onto a stick so I can just plug it into the laptop and have all my playlists (I don't care about cue points or beatgrids or any of that, just need playlists).

Obviously manually exporting all my playlists one at a time is out of the question because that would take forever. But the only other way I can think of doing it is as follows:

  • Export my entire collection onto a stick, making sure to copy the files across too
  • Make sure the person whose laptop it is backs up their collection first
  • Plug in my stick and import the collection
  • Play my set
  • Import their collection back in again from the backup.

Would that even work? Is there anything I'd need to know/do beforehand to make sure that works as smoothly as possible?

Also, what if someone wants to play b2b at some point, is there a way to do that? Would we need to switch collections between every track? Surely there's an easier way?

Considering how straight forward this whole process is with Rekordbox, you'd think it should be pretty easy with Traktor too - I just can't figure out how.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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  • Valetz
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    Does anybody moderate threads here dear NI? A fella asks a question then another fella answers a question with a question and then folows up with another question with bunch of links to shady looking android appstores?

    Does this thing fly around here??

    Bump on the original question - would like to know for the future how to manage logistics of playing tunes on another persons traktor.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Yoyoyoyoyo hmm manually exporting each playlist to a USB stick is the only option I'm used to. @Ryan_NI would you recommend the steps laid out above by the OP to export playlists in bulk?

  • Yoyoyoyoyo
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    Thanks for the answer. I actually just tested the method I'd suggested but it doesn't work - even if you export the collection onto a stick and choose the "copy tracks to location" option, the .nml file references the original location of the tracks on your computer. So when you plug the usb stick in to someone else's computer, the tracks can't be found. Still, you can probably then just select your whole collection and do the relocate thing to get them to look and find the new location of the tracks on the USB stick?

    Still, it all feels like quite a lot of faff for something which you'd imagine should be pretty simple? Convinced I must be missing something obvious here.

  • Ryan_NI
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    Answer ✓

    hey @Yoyoyoyoyo ! the steps to be able to do what you're asking for are outlined in the link below :)

    How to Transfer TRAKTOR Collections, Playlists, and Settings to Another Computer

    if you prefer a video:

    How to Transfer the TRAKTOR Collection, Playlists and Settings from One Computer to Another [VIDEO]

    hope that helps! let me know if you have any questions

  • Yoyoyoyoyo
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    Thanks @Ryan_NI, but those guides are more for when you're permanently moving to a new computer no?

    In this case, I'm just using someone else's computer for the duration of my set. Are you telling me I need to get them to not only back up their collection, but also their entire root directory and content folder? And then when I'm done playing and the next DJ is on, we need to restore everything from the backups?

    I feel like that's gonna lead to at least a few minutes of downtime between sets and lots of room for something going wrong.

    Are there any other options at all? Other than just exporting all of my playlists one by one?

  • Sunborn
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    Answer ✓

    Check my answer in this post, it might be helpful in your case too.

    At the very least, it simplifies a lot those kind of problems.

  • lijahru
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    I had a similar need. I don't use Traktor at home. I have over 4000 tracks. I have a gig coming up where they have Traktor on a laptop and a hardware controller for it. I exported my rekordbox tracks and playlists in bulk to Traktor using MIXO, which worked well for getting Traktor to see my playlists. But to get the playlists onto my USB flash drive, I had to export them all one at a time and check the "copy files to destination" box. I was concerned because after I did this, even "refreshing" the USB drive in Traktor's Explorer did not show my playlists.

    But I had the thought to quit and reopen Traktor, and lo! The playlists now show up under the USB drive in Traktor's Explorer, and the playlist's tracks there reference the files on the USB drive. "Refresh" is not enough.

    So it can be done, but it is a slow and painful process. I submitted a support ticket to NI about adding a batch playlist export feature. I should be able to just export an entire folder containing numerous nested folders and playlists with 3 clicks, instead of a 100+ clicks. Serato, Denon Engine, and Rekordbox all allow you to easily sync a bunch of playlists to a USB in a single operation, which is a very common need for gigging DJs who will be using the party or club's equipment.

  • djadidai
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    I would’ve just brought my laptop, hardware is already in place.

  • salehjoon
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    It's a shame that such a simple feature is still not in the Traktor Software. Come on NI, it's 2024.

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