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Does anyone have a working Maschine Stream Deck Profile they can share or know of someone that has built them?


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    @Matt @ NI, can you try help him? I don't know if is possible to use Maschine to this purpose. Im curious now!

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    Let's bring on the real Maschine experts on this @Jeremy @ NI @D-One @Uwe303 🚀

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    i only know you can send midi or key commands, some use it for switching articulations in kontakt.

    Make your Stream Deck a MIDI controller - YouTube

    And there was one user, truesampler, maybe we can find him and ask?

    Do you use maschine stand alone or as plugin, then it can maybe make more sense to control the daw with it.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Errr...well, we had quite a few nasty problems at support with Stream Deck, I would not recommend using it at all with Maschine.

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    Hello, great topic! I've considered buying a Stream Deck or a LoupeDeck Live for Music Software many, many times... both very interesting devices.

    The problem with using those with Maschine is a 'profile' won't allow you to do much because Maschine has very few keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) and that's what these devices use so keys trigger events in software, so you never see any built-in profiles (or custom for that matter) out there for Maschine unless it's for very basic stuff.

    Another problem is a lot of Maschine's hotkeys depend on what's area/menu is active but the software has no visual indication of whats active, for example the Left/Right arrow keys:

    • If the bottom part of MAS is active they select between notes.
    • If the middle part is active it toggles between PLUGIN and CHANNEL IO.
    • if the upper part is active is select between Groups.

    And the only way to activate those areas is thru clicking them with a mouse afaik, so a button on the Stream Deck wont do what you want unless you go and click the area first, if clicking is required we might aswell just use the mouse... 😓

    SideShowFX makes some awesome solutions for Stream Deck use with popular DAW's where you can even see info on the tiny screens like track Volume, Pan, etc... like this:

    But since Maschine is so limited in the hotkey department, doesn't allow us to map dedicated functions, has a control / scripting API (like Ableton does) or has Mackie/MCU support as an input there's no way that's ever going to be a thing. 🥲

    From my research the only way to make it usable is MAS is with a software like Keyboard Maestro which can read information on screen, change the pictures in the Stream Deck dynamically, pretend to be a mouse and click on GUI's, listen and send MIDI, etc... But it's sort of a hacky approach and requires quite a bit of a learning curve.

  • bluesound
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    Thank you so much for all of your feedback!

    Sideshow FX is awesome! I'm using their profiles for Cubase.

    I ended up getting inspired and created my first version of a Maschine Stream Deck profile from all of the shortcuts I could find. I used default icons from the included stream deck packs and am using the 15 button stream deck mobile on a couple of iPhones and an iPad.

    Here is a link if anyone has any feedback or ideas.

    Download the Elgato Stream Deck Mobile software (if you don't have it or a hardware unit already)

    (Import the profile into the Elgato software)

    Here is the list of shortcuts I pulled from:

    There is one shortcut I came across a while ago but cannot find it again - the ability to scroll or press through the loaded effects on a sound/group. If anyone knows what that is, please share.

    Additionally, if anyone has any shortcuts I missed or any other ideas on how to customize this, it is much appreciated!

    I use touch screen monitors and absolutely love my Maschine world with these 3 devices.

    The Elgato stream helps me additionally to stay away from the mouse as much as possible.

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