GuitaRig 6 Fix Installation

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Hi there to everyone!

I´m having a problem with Guitar Rig v6.2.2. I´m unable to install it because of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

Initially as I already had Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64) installed, I thought that no problem would occur because it have all versions so far... but suddenly at the end of the installation process I got an error. The error message window is in portuguese, but what it basically means is that another version of the product already exists.

Then I downloaded at this link and I reinstalled it. No success again *same error message*

So I uninstalled again this year's version and the Visual C++ 2015-19 was installed through the install executable and then it didnt give any installation error. However, the standalone doesnt open and the dll don´t appear in my DAW.

I´m stuck with this trouble, 2015-22 version is supposed to already contain the version required by Guitar Rig 6, alright?

Who can help me? Thank You!

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