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Okay so this morning i was having some issues so i opened up NI and hit re-install on all of my products. So after it was completed, I went to open up Maschine and it gave me the error that Kontakt could not be loaded. So I've tried to close Maschine and open Kontakt standalone...nothing. I Run the program as an admin and it gives me an error message from google one drive showing a file named "pal.pb journal" seems to be deleting itself every time I attempt to open Kontakt and throwing itself in the recycling bin.

I've tried unistalling through remove programs and then reinstalling Kontakt, still the same issue. I've checked the Vst's have not been moved from their original installation spot, and maschine has that folder under location with the .dll still there. So I don't believe the issue is related to that infamous problem. It seems to be a problem with Kontakt just not even being able to open standalone. If I can't even get into Kontakt period and uninstalling and reinstalling does'nt fix it. I'm kind of at a loss here. I've spent three hours this morning messing with this and only had today this week to make music so quite frustrating. If anyone can offer any suggestions to help that would be great.


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    do you have automatic syncing enabled on the google cloud drive? Try turning it off...

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