My Custom Controller Mappings are not working after the latest Traktor update

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I'm using a launchpad mini mk3 in legacy mode, which i mapped to do all the internal mixing, then i have a traktor z1 which i use for eq and crossfading etc.

I've been using this setup for the last 5 Years professionally to jam at events, until recently after the last traktor update, i plugged the launchpad in and it didn't pick up any of my mappings, i then went to check the mapping section and found that Native Instruments had deleted all the custom mapping that ive made over the years, and basically reset the whole mapping section.

i actually always keep backups of my mappings on the cloud, i then tried to re import my mapping into traktor and to my surprise, it didn't work either ( everything was completely wrong, buttons not working, buttons and lights where in the wrong place).

this for me confirmed that native instruments made some massive changes to the mapping section, without even sending out an email to tell people that they would be changing these things, they didnt even warn me before i updated that i would lose my controller mappings either..

after all this i still decided that i would redo my mapping from scratch ( which would take me really long to do properly, to get all the lights to correspond to the software). when i was half way done with my new mapping, i then realized NI actually removed some mapping functions completely, there was a way to link the vu fader meters to any controller which was removed, i find this very strange since i feel this is a very important feature to have, its nice to be able tio tell if you are clipping without having to look at the screen, there's also alot of youtube vids explaining how to set this up and NI just removes it without warning..

This isn't how updates are done professionally, for eg i've been using fl studio for the last 15 years and my projects from 15 years ago still work on the latest fl studio. when fl decides to get rid off an old plugin, they deprecate it, then they still keep the plugin as a legacy plugin, so that people with old projects that still use the plugin, will still work.

i honestly feel such drastic updates like this should be tested in beta before just being rolled out to the rest of the world.

after all this ive stopped using traktor cause its clearly not very reliable dj software, i would only ever use it again if they fix this mapping stuff, they need to add a legacy mapping section.

is anyone else having similar issues?



  • Sûlherokhh
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    Can you tell us what Traktor version you are using when you say 'latest'?

  • Stevan
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    Traktor usually creates a new folder for the version you are installing. If you skip the import from previous version then your settings folder will be containing only the Default Settings.

    You can check for previous folders at Documents\NI\Traktor Pro

  • Psybersurfer
    Psybersurfer Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Traktor pro 3 version 3.5.3 is the latest update i did which didn't work with my controller mappings..

    i always import settings from previous versions of Traktor, it kept all my settings and all my playlists and everything but it didn't copy my controller mappings over ( this isn't the problem anyway cause i had my mappings backed up) you didn't read my whole comment stevan.

  • Psybersurfer
    Psybersurfer Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Is there no official NI person thats willing to comment on this?

    otherwise how do i contact NI? i couldn't find any way to email them or anything hence why i made a post here.

  • Matt_NI
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    @Ryan_NI Any advice here ?

    @Psybersurfer You can find more info on how to contact our support team directly in our Welcome Area ☺️

  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey @Psybersurfer - to my knowledge, there haven't been any massive changes, or any changes at all, to the Controller Manager in the latest release. The latest release was purely a hotfix for M1 Pro/Max computers which were crashing every time Traktor would open.

    I would be surprised if anything was changed, and if it was changed at all, the change did not happen between 3.5.2 and 3.5.3.

    That being said, it is still some pretty strange behavior. I'm going to create a Support Ticket from this post. You'll receive an email from us and we'll try to get to the bottom of it.

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