I was wondering whether you will have something as a update for S4 mk3

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Hello there, this year i was hoping that musikmesse event will be available so there i can see something new from your side, but unfortunately it wasn`t. Do you plan to release some new controller(s), this year i`m curios about some updates on Traktor s4 mk3?



  • lord-carlos
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    See the "a message from traktor" thread. There is new hardware coming, but we don't know what or when.

    The S4 mk3 is still pretty new, compared to other traktor gear, so I would not bet on it being refreshed.

    Rumors are that there will be a update to the traktor software around ~Q3 this year, but 🤷‍♀️

    Every few month NI says they are sorry and they will increase communication with the community .. but then they just don't.

  • Karlos Santos
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    NI have clearly stepped up communication with this new forum, that's more than obvious with the input of @NI people in here but they can only communicate about new hardware when it's the right time. That doesn't mean they aren't being communicative in other ways.

    There's nothing to say at the moment.

    These threads eventually turn into trouble so I'll close this one as there are a few on this matter already.


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