having trouble getting vst for guitar rig to work in ableton

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I am running ableton live 11 intro, and recently got guitar rig 6 for my pc. I really like the effects on it, but i can't seem to get the vst to work in ableton. I'm slightly confused because i have arturia and anteres vst that are working properly.

I have tried manually locating the vst for guitar rig 6 in ableton, but the files show up as empty.

i have tried the following paths

local disc-program files-native instruments-vst plugins 64 bit

local disc-program files-native instruments-guitar rig 6-3d3-x64

local disc-program files-common files-avid-audio-plug ins-guitar rig 6 aax plugin-content-x64.

in the native access app it says my install path for the app location for guitar rig is in c:/program files/nativeinstruments/guitar rig 6

it says the vst65location is c:/program files/native instruments/vstplugins 64 bit

any help would be very much appreciated

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    post a screenshot of your plugins tab in Ableton Preferences.

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    Maybe this video will help, it's one of our most popular:

  • Kelipah
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    this helped me solve the problem.

    It was a basic user error thing. I was under the impression I was needing to add each individual vst, and was looking for the guitar rig 6 plug in. I didn't realize that I was selection the folder that the vst got saved to and not the actual vst file.

    thank you for the help, i really appreciate it

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