I cannot get sound out of my speakers

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I'm having another dumb...

I have an S4, a laptop (windows 10), headphones and some studio monitors. Basic stuff.

I recorded a mix and I just want to listen to it in my studio monitors while I'm cleaning this room.

When I go to my sound settings I have my S4 set as my output device (speakers plugged into it) and when i test them ("Manage Sound Devices") I get sound in both speakers and headphones, which of course is the most important thing...

For some reason unknown to me, suddenly I cannot get sound out of my speakers EXCEPT when I test it and/or when I'm using Traktor 3 (software).

All I'm trying to do at the moment play this recorded MP3 with VLC player which is what I've always used, but something's gone wrong and I cannot figure out what the heck happened.

I'm pretty tech-savvy, this has me stumped.




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    Answering my own question again... It was a VLC problem and here's how I solved it. This can be resolved, not sure if you wanna leave it here for anyone else who might for some reason need it. It's BARELY traktor-related except for using my S4 as the soundcard.

    Hit Ctrl + P to open preferences and click the Audio button.

    In the Output menu ---> Output module change it to "WaveOut audio output" via the dropdown menu.

    Below that where it reads "Device", select your external sound device.

    Click Save, exit and restart vlc.

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