Send Effects Signal Path? - Reverb where are you?

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Hello folks,

sto radi? ๐Ÿ˜…

isnt the Signal Path going trough all Slots serial ?

im working on the FX Page of a Instrument and i can not figure out why the delay acts like there is no other effect loaded:

I have added in the first Instrument Send FX Slot Reverb and on the 2nd delay.

SendFXlevels is loaded in the Bus Slot 1(i am working with Groups). The first Note is full of Reverb but the delayed sound has no reverb...

Can anyone explain what magic trick i missed here?

The Sliders i created in the script change the level of both effects, but they do not change levels or knob positions of the knobs that are shown under Send Levels

Is this a Kontakt Issue? (K5 last update)


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