"Loading instruments has failed, as their libraries are not installed on this computer."

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That's the message I get in Kontakt 5 (full) when I try to load an slightly-old project that was completed on my previous Win system. When I last opened the project on the previous system, it loaded perfectly every time.

But, these libraries ARE installed. Native Access says so, and I can load them up with Kontakt 7, or Kontakt Player 6. (They are not NI libraries, actually)

I don't get the message to "locate the files". If I open Kontakt 5 and try to load this Instrument from the Files menu, I get a similar message: "not installed".

What are the possible reasons for this, and how can I fix it so that projects saved in 2021 load up straight away in 2024?


Win11 running Cubase Pro 11

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    @jg:: The article was updated, minium version is Cubase 12.


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