I don't know what happened to my account

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I just returned from Hangzhou to my hometown and opened my PC as usual, but when I started Komplete kontrol and tried to load a Kontakt Instrument, it failed. Then I opened Native Access to find out what the hell had happened, and, omg, the page only showed 138 NI products, many of which I had purchased were marked"demo"! I had owned a Komplete 13 Ultimate and i also grabbed many third party products activated in NA so it should be way more products than only 138....the kontakt vst had gone, the komplete kontrol vst was no where to find even after i reactivated it...I had tried many, many ways to fix, including uninstalling NA along with NI DAEMON NTK, deleting regkeys on my PC and removing all NI products on my laptop, which I used seldomly when i stayed in Hangzhou. But, my account kept flipping out and I had been fed up with it!!! I just deleted a product and tried to reinstall, but the software kept telling me I chosed an invalid location, even after I reset everything in preference to default!!! and, damn it, my Komplete kontrol software lost all of its libraries!!!
If you know anything about my problem please tell me! I had arranged a performance next month, where I'll use Traktor Pro 3 to do DJing, so I want to figure out what happened and how to fix urgently! Thanks for anything helpful!


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