Session Strings Pro 2 ignores CC 120 (All Sound Off) and 123 (All Notes Off)

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Reaper v7.16

Kontakt VST3 v7.10.2 / VST3 v6.8.0 (R0) / VST2 v6.6.1 (R139)

Session Strings Pro 2 v1.0.4


Sending CC 120 or 123 to Kontakt does not kill any active notes. All active notes sustain until the specific note off command is received. Both Analog Dreams nad Ethereal Earth terminate all notes on reception of the cc messages 120 and 123, so the issue must be caused by the Session Strings Pro 2 instrument library. I have tested all other channel mode midi messages to no avail.


Load Session Strings Pro 2 in any Kontakt version.

Hold a note using a midi controller or a midi track in a DAW.

While the note is on, send CC 120 or 123 messages on all midi channels.

The held note keeps playing until the specific note off command is received.

(see image of Midi logger placed directly in front of Kontakt VST in Reaper signal chain)

Does anyone have an idea what might cause this problem, or know of a workaround?

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