Can I connect USB MIDI instruments directly to Maschine+ and sequence them?

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Can I connect instruments that support MIDI over USB directly to the USB ports of the Maschine+ and sequence them, or is MIDI over DIN supported only?

If the former, if I connect a powered USB hub (Elektron Overhub) with multiple instruments connected to it, will the Maschine+ find them all?

Also, if the former, can I use one of those instruments as a master keyboard to control sounds from within Maschine+?





  • Fugazi81
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    I use M+ as my main hub with Peak, Analog 4, Analog RYTM.

    All devices are connected with USB-Midi via a Midihub to a USB port of the M+.

    This works perfectly, including MIDI clock synchronization.

    You can enable/disable inputs or outputs of any USB-Midi device separately in the settings, which is pretty awesome, since you have an almost infinite number of MIDI ports available.

    On top you can use your devices as "master keyboard" - Input device. I often use my Ipad, Toraiz Squid or Octatrack (only Din Midi) for crazy midi effects/sequences etc. which I then simply record to patterns or clips.

    Most of the time it´s plug & play & fun.

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    Fantastic, thanks!

    I thought the answer was probably yes but always good to check.

    Looking forward to pairing my RYTM with it too. Great combo, I imagine.

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    Great combo for sure, especially in combination with the M+ snapshot function. This allows you to snapshot the RYTM performance macros or scenes. which I also find very cool.

  • ozon
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    I have no idea what you’re doing but it sounds interesting! Would you mind to elaborate how you use Snapshots on the M+ to control the Rytm? (I guess the concept might apply to any Elektron box).

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    Actually, I have no idea what I'm doing either. 😉

    But the concept is this.

    You use the snapshots on the M+ to trigger the Performance Macros (A4 /RYTM) or Scenes (RYTM). Performance macros, think of Ableton macros or similar concepts, contain various parameters that are used to modify the sound. I like to use them for drastic sound changes. Or for transitions. Performance macros interpret all values ​​between the values ​​set in the macro. This is the difference to the scenes on the RYTM, which can only be switched on or off. The scenes then work like song sections or as mute groups.

    You can then use the M+ Snapshots to “automate” your Macros or Scenes to bring movement to your entire set. But not static like an arrangement, but very dynamic, as if you had four arms.

    In fact, everything would be a little more efficient if you could connect the snapshots to patterns or clips, then you would have an additional way to use the snapshot system for arrangements. This is currently only possible with an external sequencer, midi loopback or a second M+.

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