Maschine+ stuck on splash screen in controller mode

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Just bought a machine+ - I love it. I made 6 really decent beats today on it in stand alone mode. However, I've got a lot of work on a laptop that I want to tweak/continue working on as well. When I put my unit into controller mode, I'm able to trigger sounds and change groups etc, but the LCD screens don't display what is going on in Maschine2. Instead, it stays stuck on the splash screen - "Maschine+" logo on the left and "Production and Performance System" on the right.

I've read some accounts of people saying that they reinstalled drivers, and that worked for them. I've done this but the problem persists. I even reinstalled machine 2. I restarted the computer several times after each installation/uninstall or attempted change. I uninstalled it from both the device manager and from Add/Remove programs.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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