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I've been asked if I can update people in the Maschine thread as some are not KK users but all the main info is in the thread here:

For the Komplete list of now supported plugins see our page here:

Komplete \ Maschine N.K.S Libraries



  • Komplete Kontrol software v2.1
  • Maschine Software 2.0+
  • Komplete Kontrol S Series MK1/MK2 compatible
  • Komplete Kontrol A Series
  • Komplete Kontrol M Series
  • Maschine Studio, Micro, MK2/MK3 compatible
  • Supports VST2 / VST3 (VSt3 is being added currently)
  • Works on PC / MAC
  • Supports 64 bit installations
  • You must own the actual VST and libraries, these are only NKS preset files.




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    Update: Spectrasonics Trilian

    Spectrasonics Trilian NKS Library for Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine


    This update changes the old "VIP Library" for the Omnisphere integration to "Creative Library" to bring it inline with the latest 1.5 version of Trilian. The additional presets included with the 1.5 update that now use all 4 layers have also been included with the latest controller mapping for the multi-layer patches. 

    New logo artwork is now also included to display a better quality "Trilian" logo in the NKS browser.

    Get the latest update free from your account page: 

    My Downloads

    Update Presets: The easiest way is to simply locate the installed NKS library for Trilian (which if you copied it correctly will contain both the standalone Trilian and Omnisphere library files. Delete this whole preset folder then replace with the downloaded one. 

    Update Images: You can just copy the Database Files\images folder to the NI Resource folder and be sure to merge with existing files, then replace the existing files (be sure you MAC users to pay attention to what the system is asking and DO NOT choose to replace the existing image folder with the included one or you will loose all your images. If in doubt always make a copy of the existing folders/files first then carry on. Windows users it's much more idiot proof. Email me if you get stuck but I have faith it will be reasonably simple to update a few files with copy/paste 

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    Update: Sonic Academy ANA2


    An update is now available for the Sonic Academy ANA2 instrument.

    Firstly, I have had a few inquiries lately about compatibility with the version of ANA2 available from Slate Digital. While the factory library was supported the additional 17 expansions from SD were not available. I have now generated an NKS library for the Slate Digital version which you can get from the above link.

    I also noted that the latest version (2.0.99) of ANA2 fixes an issue from years ago that required a separate Mac/PC version of the NKS library, there is now no need for me to maintain 2 libraries as ANA2 correctly resolves the path difference to the preset data between mac/pc so long as the presets are generated on PC.

    Lastly, it appears that with the latest version of ANA2 an extra control was slotted into the control list which pushes one of the Macro controls out. I have fixed this in the latest library so if you have updated your ANA over the years and noted only 3 macro controls on the first NKS page, get the latest update to fix this.

    To update, just delete the existing Sonic Academy\ANA2 preset folder on your system and replace with the latest ones.

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    Now Available: Air Music Bassline, Drumsynth 500, Electric, Hype, Mellotron, Odyssey, Solina, Tubesynth

    A new range of Air Music Technology instruments are now available with NKS support. All factory presets processed, detailed tagging, sound previews and complete control maps.

    Also saw a new Cherry Audio Minimode synth released which will be done very soon.

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    Now Available: Cherry Audio Minimode

    NKS library for the factory presets with complete mapping, sound previews, tagging and artwork files

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    Now Available: Falcon Expansion Organic Keys

    Falcon Expansion "Organic Keys" is now available with complete mapping, sound previews and tagging ready to go.

    If you are a UVI user and interested to see how NKS makes things so much easier when it comes to not having to constantly map and remap the "Host Automation" controls, a fellow user has created this video to show how it improves workflow, just another example of how NKS is actually a very useful feature, not just for preset flipping.

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    Now Available: Cherry Audio Lowdown

    Latest CA instrument Lowdown is now NKS ready.

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    Now Available: Softube Statement Lead

    Another Softube instrument is now NKS ready, maybe one day they will finish off their official NKS adaption (tho it has been years so not sure they are doing it anymore) but in the meantime please enjoy this library that has been fully tagged with full control map, sound previews and all the usual jazz.

    Model 82 will also follow shortly.

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    Now Available: Softube Model 82

    Now Available: Tone2 Warlock

    Another Tone2 plugin fully NKS compatible and tagged. I have been asked also if I will be doing Saurus and unfortunately this one is not possible. The preset format used by Saurus is not compatible with NKS and so the save option is not available. Unless the developer Tone2 can address this it is not possible to make NKS for this instrument i'm afraid but all other Tone2 plugins are now NKS compatible.

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    August Update News

    For the last month I have been working on updating all NKS libraries to address some mistakes and errors in tagging that has accumulated over the years. This has been a pretty big task given the hundreds of libraries and many hundreds of thousands of files to work through.

    This pass fixes tagging mistakes such as incorrect tags, placeholder tags and many non-NKS standard tags (tho I am keeping my custom Arp / Sequence tagging!)

    The focus of this is to just clean up the library tagging and set a new clean starting point again moving forward.

    This is an OPTIONAL update for users as this requires downloading all your libraries and updating them manually if you want the latest changes but 99% of this applies to just fixing tagging in some affected libraries.

    To help track all of these updates I have set a new base version for ALL libraries to 2.6.0. If you have v2.6.0 (or later) of a library you can be assured it is up to date as of July 2022.

    You can check your library version by selecting a preset from your instrument library and checking the properties tab in the NKS browser:

    A full rundown on this update along with a list of all the updates done in each library and how you can update your libraries if you wish (it is optional) can be found on this page:

    I have not had a chance to work on any new libraries as this is something I have needed to do for some time and it was an overwhelming amount of work so this month is simply updates.

    Other Updates

    In addition to the tagging updates there have been a few other things updated also:

    Air Music AIEP Bundles

    Air Music have now released 3 collections (previously they offered the AIEP3 collection which was the same as "select") which you can either get via subscription or a 1 time purchase. We now have NKS bundles that cover browsing the instruments in these collections

    Cherry Audio Minimode Updated to Miniverse

    Not long after the latest Minimode synth was released from CherryAudio they changed the name to Miniverse. This has been updated now and you can download this in your account to update the artwork/database files and preset files for this change

    Plugin Alliance / DS Thorn

    The DS Thorn plugin was picked up by PA some time ago for exclusive distribution meaning the vendor name changed from DS Audio to Plugin Alliance. I have updated the image/database files with new better quality logos and to reflect this change. The new library includes database files for BOTH releases just in case some users still have the DS Audio release.

    Along with this I have also included 3 additional expansions which are included with the Plugin Alliance release.

    Added Preset Library Count to Product Pages

    This is mainly to help out visually impaired users that use my website as a way to look for new NKS enabled instruments. A suggestion came through asking if I could list how many presets were available so users could get an idea of how big an instrument may be so I have added this information to pages where appropriate. You swill find this info now under the "Compatibility" list at the top of the page where I have also made it clearer that all NKS libraries currently support 64bit VST2 only

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    Now Available

    Cherry Audio Elka-X

    Latest Cherry Audio is now NKS.

    This was a little more challenging to make a template for than I had initially hoped. As a start this is a dual layer synth so basically there are 2X the controls you initially see for layer Upper/Lower which always makes it a challenge on layout. But a further complication to this is the fact that multi-select switches such as waveform select for oscillators have a separate CC value per button instead of the (much preferred) single CC that cycles through the options.

    Because of this kind of disappointing setup of the controls it would require over 50 pages to map every single parameter which is just stupid so I have done my best to cover the main knobs and features with hopefully enough in-depth control on later pages for visually impaired users. If you feel there are some much needed controls I can look at an update to the template down the road but this at least offers most of the control and full browsing of presets with banks for the factory expansions included.

    Gforce M-Tron MKII

    The new M-Tron MKII is now NKS ready and is bundled to cover the following libraries that are included with the factory release (1100 presets):

    • Artist Patches - Chromatic Notes Both Manuals
    • Artist Patches - Dual Rhythm and Accompaniment
    • Artist Patches - Rhythm, Accompaniment and Lead
    • Authentic Chamberlin Patches
    • Authentic MKI Patches
    • Authentic MKII Patches
    • Lead Manual Patches
    • Parallel Accompaniment Patches
    • Parallel Rhythm & Accompaniment Patches

    A full controller map allows control over the whole synth and sound previews have been generated that should hopefully demonstrate the sound of the multi-part presets which was a bit of a challenge since they differ in setup so not all will showcase every preset perfect but enough to know what kind of sound it is.

    GForce SEM

    This neat little synth is now NKS ready and offers full control and browsing over presets.

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    Komplete Kontrol 2.8 / Maschine 2.16: What you need to know (VST 3 support)!

    If you are having issues with a library loading please Contact Me Here about it because the issue is probably already known and I'd like to not clog this thread.

    So now this new release is out there are things users (especially you damn mac M1 users) will need to know first before doing the usual blindfolded stroll into the room expecting things to "just work"... this is 2022 now and mac systems never just work anymore... there is a LOT of research and preparation on your part before you update, often that comes way after you already update, reflected by my inbox!!

    Komplete Kontrol 2.8 / Masdchine 2.16 Supports VST 3 Now (YAY)

    Yes. Tho before jumping with joy you need to understand that just because you can now load VST3 plugins does not mean does that you can ditch VST2...

    In many cases, tests have shown that the VST3 plugin WILL NOT load in place of VST2 when using many 3rd party plugins. This means you will still need VST2 versions of plugins to load your current/previous projects.

    NKS libraries also will not load the VST3 version of a plugin as they are. Almost all libraries need to be updated for this to happen.

    Komplete Kontrol / Maschine is now M1 Compatible

    Yes. But most VST2 plugins are NOT M1 compatible and as stated above you still need to use the VST2 version for the moment so you need to run in Rosetta mode still. Sorry to rain on the parade but this will be the case for months still probably

    Windows Users are Fine as always

    If you are a Windows user, as usual these are almost non issues no matter what processor you choose to use or version of Windows you are on. Just keep in mind that you still need the VST2 version to work with current libraries.

    For more info on this please see the below article I have put together explaining what is happening and what the plans are

    With the state of things with macOS M1 and VST 3 compatibility here is what you need to know in regards to NKS libraries developed by FreelanceSoundlabs Native Instruments have just released Komplete Kontrol 2.8 which now includes VST3 support as well as Native macOS M1 support. While this is...

    I do have to state now the current version is out the oven how disappointed I am with the appalling lack of input from users in the Beta section for KK. Apart from a few simple posts about crash logs, only 3 or 4 users that I count (myself included) were contributing to testing so if you are a registered Beta tester and did nothing to help in the testing, don't bother crying out now as your help could have been used months ago... maybe request to be removed from the Beta so more active users can actually help a bit more.

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    Now Available: Roland Cloud Legendary Series

    I will have the full Roland Cloud collection available soon but will release it in stages just in case there are issues that need to be addressed or changes I need to look at making.

    Things To Note

    This is for VST3 Only (Except SoundCanvas which is only VST2) and there are zero plans to make a VST2 compatible version since macOS does not have a VST2 option.

    While this was developed using PC it should work on macOS (I have tested it on mine to be sure) but as always, download the demo files first and be sure it works as you expect. Other than that there is nothing more to be concerned about.


    This release covers factory presets for all 20 instruments in the Legendary series (including Sound Canvas) as either a full bundle or separate instruments. All libraries contain full mapping, sound previews, artwork etc and should allow loading and browsing of all instruments in this series. Expansion content will also be available at a later date.

    Also to be released soon will be the Zenology series, SRX series and AIRA series of instrument libraries

    If you find any problems or have issues of any kind just Contact Me Here with the problem.

    Now Available: Cherry Audio Sines

    The latest Cherry Audio "Sines" synth is now NKS ready. This is the first synth by Cherry Audio that is of their own design rather than an emulation of other hardware synths and it's quite a capable instrument. Having a large number of controls these have hopefully been mapped as logically as possible for deep control over the whole thing. All presets have detailed tagging by hand and of course includes all the sound previews and artwork.

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    Now Available: Roland Cloud AIRA & SRX Series NKS Libraries

    These bundles are now available for the Roland series of instruments with all the bells and whistles.

    Yes, Zenology will also be released soon and I will have some updates to release for some issues discovered in some instruments within the Legendary series. Some missing presets in SoundCanvas (which isn't available to mac users as there is no VST3 version of it) and some presets that appear to be set to +24 pitch.

    If you have discovered any other issues or have any suggestions, now is the time to send these through to me via PM here or just using the Contact form on my site as it will be many months before another update.

    Steinberg Plugins are Coming...

    I have been asked so many times over the years to support Halion, Padshop, Retrologue and have started work on these. Basically whatever is included in the Absolute 5 bundle will be available initially. Unsure if I will consider expansion content at this stage but the core ones I have been asked for are already being processed.

    VST3 Updates & Releases

    I am updating all info on my website as I cross check things between PC/Mac where possible and will be putting some updated info in the first few posts here to cover the status of VST3 migration of NKS presets.

    There are a few different situations here that users need to be aware of and just because something is now working with VST3 does not automatically mean it works with Apple Silicone, do your homework.

    Libraries that I manage will be classed with the following "compatibility" notice for libraries depending on what kind of compatibility can be offered:

    • VST2 = Supports VST2 only
    • VST3 = Supports VST3 only
    • VST2/3 = Library supports "Migration" and will support VST3 automatically if VST2 is not installed
    • VST2 or VST3 = A separate library is available for EITHER the VST2 or 3 version

    Developer Enabled VST2 > 3 Migration (VST2/3)

    This kind of migration means the developer has enabled within their VST3 plugin the ability to be loaded if the VST2 plugin does not exist. This is ideally what all developers should be doing BUT this does NOT mean NKS files will work in the same way.

    What we have discovered is that in may instances, NKS files will load the plugin fine and the preset loads as expected but the controls mapped in the NKS template no longer control the plugin. This requires a new controller map to be created for these libraries for the VST3 side so please do not contact me saying "my plugin is loading but the controls do not work", We know.

    If the controls do not work between the VST2/3 plugin versions then a whole new library will be created that supports VST3 separate and this will be treated as a VST2 or VST3 library.

    VST2 or VST3 Library

    This will mean that a separate library is available for VST2 or VST3 compatibility and typically you will only install one or the other. Instructions on what library type and how to install the one you need will be included.


    Quite simply means the library only supports VST2. If a VST3 version of the plugin exists then it will likely be updated in time. If no VST3 version exists then it cannot be updated. Even if a VST3 version exists, if the plugin is old and unlikely to receive Apple Silicone updating then it may not be updated either.


    Library supports only the VST3 version of the plugin. As of the Roland Cloud bundle, moving forward ALL libraries will now be released as VST3 and there will no longer be a VST2 version of a library, I won't consider making VST2 library versions any longer.

    You can see the full list of plugins supported and the current support state in This Thread Post

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    UPDATED: Spectrasonics Libraries for VST3

    Here is the first in a long list of updates that will start to roll out to add support for VST3 so hopefully this helps close the gap of unsupported stuff for Apple Silicone users.

    Spectrasonics plugins are all Apple Silicon approved and now the libraries I have developed have all been updated (with the exception of 3rd party libraries which will happen at some stage) to load the VST3 version of the plugin. This has taken a good few months to try and update these and have them actually work but I am finally pleased to say this should now allow you to load presets into the VST3 version of plugins.

    It is not a requirement at all to switch to VST3 if VST2 is working fine for you but please note that moving forward once a library has been updated to VST3 all updates and maintenance will be done only for the VST3 version. Downloads will still be available for the VST2 version in your user download area but will eventually be phased out so it is recommended to look at updating projects when possible to start using the VST3 version of supported plugins.

    All NKS libraries that I have upgraded to work with VST3 will now show a v3.x in the properties box of the NKS file:

    Previous libraries were all 2.x which basically means they were developed using the VST2 version of plugins.

    Additional Updated Features

    In addition to the VST3 migration there are a couple of new updates in these bundles too:

    • Added MULTI presets to Omnisphere
    • Added MULTI presets to Trilian
    • Keyscape now loads the Keyscape Factory presets in Omnisphere WITH all the custom macro controls instead of just the standard Omnisphere controls so for users that have been wanting to use Omnisphere and not have to use Keyscape this should now be a possibility.

    How To Update

    To update your libraries you will need to go to the above links (or the product pages) and there is a small upgrade cost for the main factory libraries but all expansion libraries (such as Bob Moog, Sonic Extensions and eventually 3rd party libraries) are all free updates. All you need to do is delete your existing NKS library and replace it with the new one. It should load and behave the same but should load the VST3 plugin. Looking for feedback from M1 users to confirm all is good.

    What About Projects using the VST2 version?

    This updates the NKS library only, there is no way for me to make projects work with the VST3 plugin, that is a developer requirement.

    If you are not an Apple Silicone user you can still have BOTH VST2 and VST3 plugins installed for compatibility but what I would recommend is updating the NKS library to VST3 to start using the VST3 version and where possible, load and update older projects to VST3 also just so you are prepared moving forward.

    If you ARE an Apple Silicon user (or any user) that needs/wants to update projects to VST3, here is a suggested workflow to update your projects:

    • First, load your DAW in Rosetta mode so you have access to the VST2 version
    • Open the instance of Omnisphere on a track and use the Utility_>_Save Patch As option
    • Select Omnisphere from the Plugin_>_VST3 menu in KK
    • Load ANY NKS preset from the new VST3 enabled NKS library to load the VST3 version of Omnisphere with the custom mappings
    • From the Utility menu in Omnisphere, select the saved patch and load this into Omnisphere.

    What About Other Plugins and VST3?

    If you need to know the status of plugins and if they support VST2, VST3 or both (Migratable) I have this all listed in THIS post at the start of this thread which I am updating as I work through and test everything.

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