[Is this a bug?] MIDI Change functionality in Logic doesn't seem to work as advertised

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To repro what I'm talking about

  • Start a new Logic project + Maschine (2.15.1) in an instrument track.
  • Make 2 patterns obviously different (simple drum part or something)
  • Assign 1 pattern to scene 1, 1 to scene 2
  • In Maschine go to Edit -> MIDI Change.. and choose Scene -> Trigger -> Program Change
  • In Logic Event List, create a program change to 0 on bar 1 and a program change to 1 on bar 2
  • Hit play, notice the program changes doesn't do anything
  • Now in Maschine, assign Scene 1 to Section 1 and Scene 2 to Section 2
  • Hit play, notice it changes the section and thus now chooses the right scene

Shouldn't it work this way if you set up SECTION trigger to Program Change, not SCENE?

Triggering SCENE does nothing - I didn't check the LOCK states option

In reading the manual it said something like it will trigger SCENE or SECTION depending on your settings - so I thought maybe this meant in IDEAS mode it triggered SCENES and in SONG mode it triggered SECTIONS, but nope, in IDEAS mode it still does nothing.

Can someone else confirm this?

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