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Hey guys,

Help me out here please. I want to record guitar into Machine and send it to Guitar Rig. Is there a step-by-step guide to getting this to work? I've loaded Guitar Rig into a sound:

and set the input but I get no sound. I presume it needs to be a line out feed from an amp or DI but I'm not getting anything, any recognition that the sound is there.


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  • Uwe303
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    what audio interface do you use? And how do you have your guitar connected. Normally every interface has a indicator if your input is receiving a signal, so do you see something if you play the guitar - so first sort that out. Then there is a method using 2 pads where you route audio between. But it also depends, do you want to record the dry signal or the signal with gr included. But i have to search for it myself to remember the details and write then back.


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    Here is a Video on the subject... covers a variety of was to record guitars.

    and another:

    and another:

    and one more just in case.

    there are a bunch more on YT, search "record guitar into maschine"

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    Thanks all!

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