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EVENT_PAR_ZONE_ID in a listener sequence

Lovechld2000 Member Posts: 29 Member

I'd like to collect the zone ids for my played sequence running in the listener (in a retro machines style sequencer.) what works on note doesn't seem to in the listener

this is my code just before playing the note in the sequencer.

blip := play_note(played_note,1,0,1)

change_vol(blip, -1000000, 0)

wait (1)

zoneid := get_event_par(blip,EVENT_PAR_ZONE_ID)

         realnote := play_note(played_note...

even though messaging shows blip event ids are collected in sequence from played_note, there is only one zone id


  • Lovechld2000
    Lovechld2000 Member Posts: 29 Member

    I managed to solve this one eventually , no need for any assistance

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