MIdi Program Changes

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I currently have an Akai MPC which does not do what I am looking for. I control my entire keyboard rig from my Korg Kronos. I am wanting to send MidI MSB/LBS to "a sampler" which will load up the samples for that specific song. I can find where all these samplers can send program changes out but I need one that can respond to messages in....

Does this unit do this or any unit anyone can suggest?


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    if i understand you correct, maschine can't do what you want but kontakt can do. You can switch instruments with PC messages. As far as I know 128 instruments but not in banks, i guess that's what you mean with lsb/msb, where lsb is the bank and msb is the patch/instrument? I can mark @EvilDragon he knows kontakt much better if you are interested.


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    That's correct, Kontakt can do exactly that by using instrument banks.

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