Maschine Plus 1.4 update is out now!



  • YentheSage
    YentheSage Member Posts: 12 Member

    Nice! I’m glad it’s finally out now. Haven’t been on it today, but will make sure I go install the update.

  • Space Cat 303
    Space Cat 303 Member Posts: 108 Advisor

    I noticed that on a project that took 80% CPU, only took 65% with 1.4

    The firmware has been optimized right?

    There are already official tutorials on the autosampler, and it's very successful

  • YentheSage
    YentheSage Member Posts: 12 Member

    Yeah, there were some stability improvements made in this update. 65% from 80%? That’s a pretty good decrease. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • nabulaer
    nabulaer Member Posts: 8 Member

    finally can uninstall an expansion ... thank you!

  • nabulaer
    nabulaer Member Posts: 8 Member

    I just turned on the device, and it asked to update, I clicked yes. it doesn't get easier than that.

  • cl3an!
    cl3an! Member Posts: 16 Member

    I am suffering from a serious case of FOMO right now. If only I can get my hands on a Maschine+ (I'm a poor guy from Africa😪)

  • djadidai
    djadidai Member Posts: 326 Advisor

    HUGE THANKS FOR THE AWESOMENESS NI!!!! Been waiting and wishing so long for this!

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 345 Pro

    Congrats to the dev team!

    Updating ASAP. Especially interested in seeing what will happen to my custom Reaktor content after this update.. Because Reaktor version goes up in 1.4, right? If so, I hope there will be a matching Reaktor desktop version available as well.

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 345 Pro
    edited May 2022

    Actually, before I update my Maschine+, can someone ( @Matt_NI ? ) tell me which version numbers I will have in M+ for the following internal plugins after updating to 1.4:

    • Massive? (1.5.8 in the previous M+ standalone OS)

    • Kontakt? (6.6.1 in the previos M+ standalone OS)

    • Reaktor? ( 6.4.3 in the previous M+ standalone OS)

    • Raum? (1.1.1 in the previous M+ standalone OS)

    The version number of Reaktor is the most important detail here - betatesters of 1.4 have stated the Reaktor versions on their Maschine+'s as being 6.4.4, which is not available on the Reaktor desktop yet AFAIK. If updating M+ to 1.4 forces Reaktor version to 6.4.4, this will present issues to Reaktor M+ builders until 6.4.4 becomes available for Reaktor desktop.

    With regards to Kontakt, things are probably fine there since Kontakt desktop can already be updated all the way up to version 6.7.1 .. and I'm guessing the new M+ OS will not have a Kontakt version higher than 6.7.1?


  • imagevoice
    imagevoice Member Posts: 23 Member

    Would love to see NI Driver on Maschine+ ... Would make the M+ the perfect Industrial-Machine :-)

  • Astralbeats_225
    Astralbeats_225 Member Posts: 40 Helper

    I updated and have the following versions.

    Raum 1.2.2

    Reaktor 6.4.4

    Kontakt 6.7.1

    Massive 1.5.9

    With that being said I have tested a few of the ensembles you and the rest of the guys created in that other thread. VHS A.D.S, stereo width, and O.T.T. load fine and work. I didn't use Ott before the update so I can't say whether anything changed with it but the others work just as they did before. 🤙🏾

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,760 mod
    edited May 2022

    So here are the versions installed with Maschine Plus 1.4:

    Massive - 1.5.9

    Kontakt - 6.7.1

    Reaktor - 6.4.4

    Raum - 1.2.2

    And @tetsuneko you are correct regarding M+ Reaktor self made ensembles, when saved on your M+ it seems that you are not able to load them in Reaktor standalone or in Maschine 2.15.1 software. The M+ team is looking into it, I'll keep you updated with their findings. In the meantime, in your case I would recomment not to upgrade.

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 345 Pro
    edited May 2022

    Thank you both!

    So, it seems that Maschine+ 1.4 brings everything except for Reaktor into version lockstep with the latest NI desktop software. That's good news for Massive, Kontakt & Raum users, as they can now safely use the latest versions from Native Access and should have full compatibility with M+.

    The news regarding Reaktor however don't seem as good. I already asked this over at Reaktor discords and there is no info about Reaktor desktop 6.4.4 availability. This means custom Reaktor ensemble building will not be as "safe" as it once was, and 6.4.4 desktop version might still be a long time coming..

    I think I still might update. I can focus my custom content creation efforts towards Kontakt 6.7.1 while we wait for Reaktor desktop 6.4.4. Besides, improved stability and better CPU performance are more important features than custom Reaktor ens support, because my endgame plan with Maschine+ is to be able to use it for playing gigs as well as writing stuff, and stability/reliability + performance are king when it comes to gigging.

    In any case, much obliged for the info! At least I know what I'll be getting into 👍

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