Maschine Plus 1.4 update is out now!

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Hey everyone,

We're finally here and the update for Maschine Plus is now available. As we already shared, this update brings the much anticipated autosampler feature and a few other goodies.

Additionally, we released an update for both Maschine and Komplete Kontrol

We sincerely appreciate everyone's patience during the past few weeks and hope you'll enjoy this new release 🙏

You can read the full change-log on our status update 👈

Feel free to share your comments below but PLEASE keep in mind that if you have another Maschine issue or want to share what should be next on Maschine Plus, a new thread is more fitting. This thread will be open for feedback for one week.



  • PK The DJ
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    Yippee! 🤩

  • ozon
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    Great news, thank you! Looking forward to installing later.

    @Matt_NI a suggestion for the status update page: Currently everything is either ADDED or FIXED. I’d add the label IMPROVED instead of listening improvements under ADDED (which is odd IMO). Additionally it would be nice if the improvements could be listed individually, which might help the expectation management.

  • Matt_NI
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    I'll share that feedback with the team. We're only pasting what they are providing to us with the format they follow but it would make sense. Thank you!

  • imagevoice
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  • Braz
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    Cool, thank you NI team

  • tempsperdu
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    Any idea when an addendum for 2.15 will be available?

    I must admit that I am confused by what you call inversions and how useful they might be in their present state.

    It would be good to see a breakdown of the thinking / philosophy behind the implementation, as most would not use inversions on a whole sequence but perhaps on individual chords which, if I've understood its implementation right, is only possible with quite some difficulty and using both hands. In fact, it doesn't seem at all practical, or I've missed something.

    I know you don't like people talking about what an update isn't rather than what it is, but is this being seen in some way as a step towards what most have called for, that being able to self map chord sets?

  • AlexBuga
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    Wow, I'm more excited about the sample rename than the other stuff :))


  • darkwaves
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    I've had my audio drop out completely a couple of times. No crushed audio; just no audio at all until I turn the knob. Again; I'm in an unsupported config, so whatever. And this is still far better than it going to bit crush city every couple of minutes. Now just very happy instead of very, very happy. lol.

  • SpencerTyler
    SpencerTyler Member Posts: 37 Helper

    Awesome! We are getting somewhere here. There's one audio crackle issue that I've been running into with the Bass Synth. I recorded a couple different patterns and everything was fine but for some reason I get a crackle when I play it without recording anything. Once I hit record it goes away but it's a bit of a pain when trying to create new patterns before recording. I tried different velocities and it still seems to happen. Not sure if this is a common problem. Either way I am very happy to see this update come out sooner than I expected. Thanks NI!

  • OhulahanBass
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    No more distorted stutter solved by knob twiddling?…I don’t know what I’m more excited about now that or the autosampler. Those hiccups were a massive workflow killer for me. I always was in to my M+ but the love affair will be leveling up once more!

  • marcofedez
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    Where are the update instructions? How many files should we download to fully upload? Thanks.

  • dj MvT
    dj MvT Member Posts: 8 Member

    Just use the settings button on your machine plus to install it

  • djneural
    djneural Member Posts: 25 Helper

    Great ! Congrats NI dev team, you did it ! Was worth the wait.

    Now I have almost nothing to ask but some vocal FX and improved user samples/expansions management for this unit when in standalone mode.

    • An Autotune style fx
    • A Vocoder
    • Unlimited user sample browsing with search/tagging capabilities
    • Ability to create and use our own expansions.

    The two first can be worked around with Reaktor ensembles as per previous discussions in these forums, but official plugins from NI would be awesome and maybe more straightforward to activate and use.

    After that, well... I won't have anything more to ask for this unit as far as features are concerned. Stability, stability and stability of course and it will be perfect.

  • Space Cat 303
    Space Cat 303 Member Posts: 108 Advisor

    Frankly, there is no simpler way to update M+ and everything else via Native Access

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