Official update status - Maschine + (current version 1.5.1)

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This thread provides information about updates for Maschine Plus. It will be updated whenever new information becomes available.


The currently available software version is 1.5.1 Please make sure that your installation is up to date.


1.5.1 - 2024-01-02

FIXED Broken Factory Reset caused content/project loading issues

FIXED Browser not updating when file-paths change after reconnecting drive

FIXED Audible stutter when disconnecting Ableton Link

IMPROVED Stability when connecting/disconnecting USB devices.

1.5 - 2023-12-13

Hey all,

I am happy to share that we just released two brand new updates for Maschine+. You can find the list of included changes below.

ADDED VST3 support (now default for all supported plugins on Maschine+)

UPDATED Maschine+ 1.5 includes Maschine software 2.17.5

UPDATED All content plugins (e.g. Kontakt, Reaktor, Massive) are now available in their latest version

UPDATED Updated Maschine logo to the latest version

FIXED An issue where Reaktor ensembles did not load as expected

KNOWN ISSUE When using Maschine+ in controller mode, the old logo will still be displayed on the unit. This will be addressed in a future update.

With these updates on the way, we will be back to share some insights from our last Maschine survey and start a conversation on the most requested improvement ideas. Keep an eye out for a new post in the Maschine section later this week.

1.4.5 - 2022-12-20

FIXED Irregular shutdown procedure in 1.4.4

1.4.4 - 2022-11-07

This release includes compatibility updates in line with the Maschine 2.16 desktop update.

Note: Maschine 2.16.0 includes VST3 support on desktop. Currently, VST3 plug-ins are not available on Maschine+. Please make sure you are using VST2 versions of plug-ins on desktop when planning to use the project on Maschine+. VST3 plug-ins will be made available on Maschine+ at some point in the next year, however there is no set timeline for this yet.

It is particularly important not to use Kontakt 7 in the projects you intend to bring to Maschine Plus, since it's VST3 only.

1.4.3 - 2022-09-21

ADDED Locate missing samples when loading Projects, Groups and Sounds.

FIXED No more crashes when disconnecting KKM32 and JAM

FIXED KKM32 octave LEDs do not light when engaged

FIXED KKM32 fixed velocity LED does not light

FIXED KKS2 fixed velocity is broken

FIXED changing the plug-in on a sound named by the user changes the name of that sound

FIXED Missing Sample dialog showing OS paths

FIXED No error message for missing samples when external media is removed

FIXED Editing Note Length less responsive whilst receiving external clock signal

1.4 - 2022-05-10

ADDED Auto Sampler

ADDED Auto Project Recovery

ADDED Save Sound with Samples

ADDED Users can rename user-recorded Samples

ADDED Users can rename empty sound

ADDED Position parameter in Chord Mode

ADDED Uninstall content products

ADDED Performance and stability improvements

FIXED - Raum and Phasis always showing up as updates

FIXED - Incorrect error message "The selected item could not be removed (write protected)" when deleting user projects

FIXED - Distorted or stuttering audio that would go away when the audio device selector in settings was rotated



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