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When i m mixing , i put the kick in to -10 and leads -15 but when i master, using limiter,pushing the volum, or dbs to get that final -6 or -7 dbs , the kick becomes into -8/-5 and leads -10/-8 and the same for all the parts of the song.

this is correct ? bcz this looks to loud for me, in fact, i dont like it even id i do electronic music,




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    The mixdown... Quite an art in itself.

    From my experience, there's hardly ever a 'rule' regarding dB levels that will work on every project.

    Every song has its sonic properties and fills the spectrum in a different way, so you cannot really apply a universal working level of dB imo. You have to figure this out for each project.

    The easiest way is to actually trust your ears, if something feels too loud or too quiet, simply EQ or adjust the level until it sits fine in the mix.

    Don't bother targeting precise values like -6dB or so for the mastering, this is an old rule that doesn't really makes any sense nowadays. You only have to be careful to have a few dBs of headroom (below zero) to have some flexibility during the mastering.

    Eventually, when everything seems to be at the right level, you can push the limiter until you reach the desired LUFS level (for Techno, I personally usually target around -7.0 LUFS).

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    hehe well i can take this advice thanks .

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