Sidechaining in Maschine

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Hi all

Am I right in thinking the only way to do sidechain compression in MK3 is through the built-in Compressor plugin?

I've tried it with FabFilter's compressor, but there doesn't seem to be any way for the trigger Sound to address the sidechain input of the FF plugin - or am I missing something?



  • darkwaves
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    I don't have fabfilter. I was able to get it to work with NI's Solid Bus Comp and one of the others. Worked fine with a few of the Arturia compressors. I couldn't get it to work with iZotope's Neutron Compressor. Not sure if that's just me not knowing what I'm doing or some kind of compatibility issue. I don't seem to have any waves compressors with a sidechain input.

    The ones that worked just used the side chain input like the stock compressor would. Nothing special.

    (lol @ the profanity filter NI.)

  • Mudchild
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    Arrr, no you CAN do it! Thanks, I tried with Solid Bus after you siad that, and realised I'd missed where to select the sidechain input. Now I see it works with Fabfilter too. Tidy.

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