Sporadic Kernel Panic issues on Mac Mini M2 Pro with Kontakt 7

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I have seen other threads on a similar topic, but it was advised to open a new discussion to better capture any unique issues.

I would be working on a project, either in Reaper or Logic pro, using Kontakt 7 plugins, or KK plugin which hosts a Kontakt instrument. Suddenly, my Mac Mini would restart with, what appears to be, a "kernel panic" message. When the machine restarts, it tries to go into "safe mode", and it takes me several tries to get it back into "normal boot mode". After I get back to my desktop, the Reaper app reopens and I am given the opportunity to submit the crash report to Apple (which I obediently perform). However, when I try to locate the log or a diagnostics, I do not seem to find anything suggestive of Komplete Kontrol or Kontakt, etc.

What should I submit here to help diagnose those crashes?

I am running Mac Mini M2 Pro with 32GB of RAM with Sonoma 14.4.1. I use a 4K single display adapter which plugs into HDMI port.

Of course, latest versions of Kontakt 7 and Komplete Kontrol.

Thanks for any advice or further questions.





  • PoorFellow
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    Sorry , but "latest versions of Kontakt 7" simply is not accurate enough since there came an updated version of Kontakt within the last 24 hours !

    Quote Jeremy_NI : Kontakt 7.10.2 is live.

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    What should I submit here to help diagnose those crashes?

    Hi Victor!
    In order to find the Log from this Kernel Panic Shut down you can use your spotlight search on mac (CMD+SpaceBar) then type "Console" and open the console app. In the Console app you should find the regarded kernel panic log, most likely it is under "Diagnostic Reports". You can drag and drop it from there to a desired location, like desktop and can either send it from there or zip it to an archive file beforehand.

    What could also help with investigation of your issue, is the complete system report of your mac.
    From your desktop, click on the Apple Menu and select 'About this Mac'. Once the 'About this Mac' window opens, select 'System Report. ... From the System Information window, select File>Save. Name your file '*MyName*_SysInfo' and save to your desktop. You might combine it with the Kernel Panic log file and zip both into one archive before sending it here.

    What would also be good to check, is to try to reduce the resolution of your connected display and see if the issue persists. As it seems some users could circumvent the Kernel Panic this way.
    Choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click Displays in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.) Select the display you want to adjust, then select the resolution you want to use. You may be able to turn on “Show all resolutions” to see additional resolutions for the display.

    Hope I could help. Cheers!

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    THank you for all the suggestions. Let me try with the display resolution change advice first and get back here either with attachments or some good news! :)

  • Victor Tsaran
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    OK, coming back to close this discussion. Changing the resolution did not help me in the end.

    However, after updating to 14.5 all my crashes are magically gone. I have been stressing Kontakt and komplete Kontrol for the last few days and, so far, not a single crash.

    Curious if I am lucky or Apple did actually fix something?

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