Maschine Jam: Software Alternative (Other than Ableton) for the Maschine Jam???

Matthew Beck
Matthew Beck Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I'm pairing a Maschine MK 3 with the Boss 505 MK2 for multi-instrumental live-looping and am looking for something near exact to the Maschine Jam to trigger pre-recorded bass lines, shakers, and other guitar, bass, synth and percussion elements.

Challenges: I don't enjoy working out of Ableton and I'm currently travelling a lot so less hardware gear is a plus!

Is it possible to set-up basically a software version of the Maschine Jam within Logic pro, or another similar software? Is it possible to do this with a laptop within Maschine's software? Thanks!


  • HugoClubs
    HugoClubs Member Posts: 59 Member

    Hi, your question is very confusing.

    Let me see if I understand:

    • you need something that IS software and has a UI similar to a Maschine jam?
    • It CAN’T be Ableton

    You mentioned Logic. Do you know Logic has something called Live Loops? Loops can be launched from an iPad using Logic Remote (when using a computer), or you can download Logic Pro to an iPad and work from there.

    Hope this helps

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