will machine make full use of apple m performance cores?

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until now it seems only reaper can use all cores for audio production. i am getting to limits very often, too often and even worse it shuts down a lot and makes working not comfortable with a brand new mac powerhouse using maschine


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    heres a video i often share…

    this is using a 8gb m1 mac mini

    do note: i have 256 looped samples loaded into reaper hidden from view & using x4 maschine instances & receiving a video feed from another computer & also recording everything via quicktime.. to push hte m1 mac mini with Reaper and maschine to the limits….
    in comparison to a 4770k 16gb windows PC… the Windows PC would ****** itself… so by emphasising whats possible with just the 8gb m1 mac mini model…. expanding to a 16gb m1mac mini will help with more programs running in tandem although syncing may be an issue if too many VST's are running…
    So management of VST's when they are not in use… will alleviate CPU performance/efficiency cores and help with syncing! The yellow flashes in the video… are buffer underruns…. this hinders syncing if using midi sync… this is caused by the many VST's that are running in the background….
    i think there is 24 or 32 shaperbox VST's loaded… which is contributing to the buffer underruns

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