Missing instrument with my Komplete Kontrol A61

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Hello all.

I have just bought the KK A61 and it says it comes with Monark, The Gentleman and Scarbee among others. Would someone kindly explain where these are? They are nowhere to be seen in Native Access. The bonus of having these were one of the reasons I bought the keyboard.

Many Thanks in advance...



  • Matt_NI
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    They will come up in your Native Access once you registered your keyboard. Try to close and open NA again if they're not coming up after a refresh.

  • orlaboutorla
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    Hi and thank you so much for your reply... I have registered, tried and they are just not there. Also please see attachments, one is what is advertised as being "included" when I bought it and the other an email I received after registering showing what is actually included.

    Am I missing something? I assume the Gentleman and Scarbee would be an .nki and would the Moanark be in a shell somewhere? I will be very disappointed if they are not included.

  • orlaboutorla
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    Bump... Anyone? Just for clarity, it also says on the box that it includes these.

  • Simchris
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    Can you share screen shot of native access, on the not installed tab?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @orlaboutorla Everything seems to be registered on your account now, is everything showing in Native Access now ?

  • djscratcha
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    Go to "Not Installed" in native access. It's all there. You just need to install first.

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