Upgraded Windows 11 and licenses wont install

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Hello anyone...

Like most, I have 1000 pieces of software. I barely had half of it installed before I had to upgrade to Windows 11. And so a fresh install of everything. Installed a lot of NI software so far, and the Native Access.

Anything I try to open wants a license. I don't know what to do. Can't Native Access just qualify this stuff? I have pages and pages of licence numbers, Access installed fresh install and nothing connects.

I'm too tired to go through another 100 forums starting with K. Its beyond exhausting.

What do I have to do? Its all registered on the NI site. I can't even get the Komplete midi keyboard to work with anything. Its presumably locked.

...and as for finding how to contakt the developer is a hit and miss of forums..

But seriously, I go into Native Access, download what is presumably offered to me as an option probably because its free or I own it, I install, then hit open, it opens and asks for a license. It says open Native Access. Why? I do. Its there. I have no idea what to do. Surely NI knows seeing its all on my computer.??

This is just another headache. The software and libraries are big enough let alone this, trying to get it connected. Sorry. Days and weeks go by..



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey there, by the sole descriptions it's hard to really understand what your issues are. From what I read I see 2 things. You probably get a demo error message from Kontakt when loading Kontakt libraries. Maybe you could share a screenshot of these error messages?

    We have a dedicated support section for installation issues: https://bit.ly/NI_support_NA

    You mention issues with a keyboard, what model is it? M32, S series MK2, MK3? Have you installed all the necessary software?

  • Judson Collins
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    I had windows 10. Everything ok. I clean install windows 11. I reinstall all software off of the website. Now I'm asked to register or buy or trial. It says go to Native Access. And then what? There's nothing at Native Access to do. My numbers are already registered on the website domain.

    Kontrol A49 keyboard. Firmware up to date.

    As for 'all necessary software', what would that be? I have Native Access and download what's available. What's essential, and what's essential that's not on Native Access?

    I've written to support. Takes a week usually.

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