ScanApp always crashes when launching Komplete Kontrol on macOS

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For some reason, I get a "ScanApp crash" when I launch Komplete Kontrol. Every single time. And I haven't installed new plugins or libraries. If I dismiss the alert window, the Komplete Kontrol app itself doesn't crash, but some libraries are unavailable.

The crash happens a couple seconds after the app is fully loaded, not during the process. The initializing screen opens, the app is loading, the initializing screen closes, there’s a pause and then the ScanApp crashes.

I tried reinstalling everything but it doesn't solve the issue. What should I do?

By the way, I'm running version 2.6.7(R1) on macOS Monterey 12.1

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    I think I found a way to fix this.

    In macOS: System Preferences / Security, Komplete Kontrol wasn't authorized to access to the desktop and the documents folder. I checked the boxes to authorize, and I restarted. Now it seems to work just fine (at least, no ScanApp crash).

    Screenshot below (my system is in French)

    Hopefully this can help other people too.


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