Kontakt 7, keyboard tracking, like in Diva KEYB ?

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Good morning dears,
I'm your client
ACCOUNT [email address removed by Moderator]
I bought Kontakt and Battery from you, I have the following question for you, please tell me where the function is located
keyboard tracking, like in Diva
KEYB, and does this function even exist?
Tal Sampler has it, but I need it specifically in Kontakt,

Sergej Wilhelm



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    I know nothing about 'keyboard tracking' when using Kontakt 7 , but I imagine that that could be a feature that might ? depend on what library you have loaded in Kontakt 7. If so then you would have to check each and everyone of the individual Kontakt 'library' products to see what features that it has ! (typically then what features a Kontakt library offers depends on the library itself/by design !)

    You can indeed find something called 'key tracking' in the manual for e.g. "ETHEREAL EARTH"

    If you go to page 12 : Section 8. Sound View : 8.1. Layer then it says : Here you can select a sound source, set key tracking and adjust the base pitch.

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