Pitchbend error in Kontakt 7 "Noire"

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I have a problem with the pitch band.

I go via MIDI OUT from Ezkeys 2 into MIDI IN of Kontakt 7 into the VST "NOIRE".

Every time the 4 bars are finished in FL Studio and the loop starts from the beginning,

Tune automatically moves down by 2 points. Unfortunately, I don't know which software is causing this error.

I am using Windows 11 and FL Studio win64 FL Studio ASIO. Kontakt 7.8.1. EZKeys 2.0.2 37743.

I do not use a MIDI keyboard.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @HarryHerbst Unfortunately I don't know how this Ezkeys 2 is supposed to work with MIDI. If you don't have a keyboard how do you send the pitch bend information? Is it possible to automate this from FL Studio? It looks like it is may be sending another MIDI message to Kontakt 7 or FL Studio. You could check with MIDI monitor or similar:

    How to Monitor the Output of a MIDI Controller

    What can you see when this is happening in the monitor? What MIDI message?

    Have you tried with other Kontakt libraries? Is it the same? With other plug-ins?

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