Kontrol S4 mk2 not working. Only lights flashing when power up. Laptop/ipad same problem.

Karol Ryba
Karol Ryba Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hi everyone

I didn’t find discussion about same problem, so I started new one.

My s4 mk2 is not working. When I power it up all lights are flashing for aabout 2 seconds as normal and… that’s it. Not working with Traktor Pro 3 on windows laptop. Not working with Traktor DJ 2 on Ipad.

It is not visible as an audio device.

It is not visible in Windows Device Manager.

I tried different USB cables: NI, Xone, djtechtools. No result at all.

Lights are flashing after powering up even when it’s powered up only by usb cable (no power adapter).

After 2sec only usb icon is flashing. That one under browse knob.

Reinstalling Driver didn’t help.

Device Updater didn’t recognise it.

Could it be a usb problem?

Any suggestions?



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