Send all Maschine Plus audio channels to computer via USB.



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    Hey skrutiny, it's actually a cool idea. Unfortunately, what you want to achieve is not possible. It is possible to route 16 Maschine tracks to physical outputs of a third party multi output soundcard but that's it. To have audio over USB, it would require more than just removing a block from a driver. It would actually require a lot of work. Unfortunately there is no such plans at the moment in this direction. We really appreciate the feedback but we definitely can't recommend hacking our devices or others, and if you do so, it's at your own risk.

  • skrutiny
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    Thanks for the response Jeremy. I appreciate a clear cut answer. I'm not hacking any devices other than my own pc, so no breach's of user agreements etc. Just attempting to emulate a device driver. It would be incredibly helpful if you know of any USB audio device that has been reported as working by other users which can utilize all 16 outs. There must be someone out there doing it!

  • starcorp
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    @skrutiny likes to see something Roland did with the Fantom,

    so i do a live capture of my performance with an aggregate device of Fantom/Mk3

    its a nice idea to have the M+ as an multi channel audio device

  • Uwe303
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    I really don't get it, if i hook up my m+ with a computer i can use maschine software with it's 16 outputs - i would like to hear what the advantage would be to have 16 outs to a computer from m+ stand alone.


  • TheAndroid
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    Hi @Uwe303 , I guess this will avoid :

    • installing Maschine software on the computer
    • exporting the full project (with its samples) to the computer.

    I guess something like the Digitakt + Overbridge architecture would be nice (where you can live stream your audio channels directly to your DAW, while projects / samples stay on the hardware).

  • darecordbreakaz
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    I empathize with logic of exposing all in & outs to the usb host The Isla sp2400 does with no problem. So if reworded correctly the question is actually a Feature Request.

    Feature Request:

    The Maschine+ as a Class Compliant USB Audio/MIDI Device With Miri Audio Out Via USB on Standalone Mode

  • Kubrak
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    There is a soundcard that allows to connect two devices to it and each may use its inputs and outputs and also send audio from one device to another.

    So, one could connect M+ and PC to it and send data from M+ to PC using that audiointerface. I mean iConnectivity.

  • Kubrak
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    PC serves as USB Master, connected devices as Slaves. M+ may be either Slave or Master, depending on setup. If it is Master one may connect USB audio interface (and other USB devices), if it is Slave, it serves as audio interface and MIDI device....

    What you want is to use M+ as Master and one USB port of PC as Slave. Everything is possible I guess, but it might be highly difficult. It might work on certain computers and not on other computers and so on.

    The solution might be the third mode for M+. M+ running standalone, but its connection to PC would be Slave and it would provide audio interface of the both M+audio card and 16 or more stereo audio channels mapped to sounds.

    Do not know, if CPU in M+ would be able to handle all this.... And definitely, it would be a lot of work, if technically doable....

  • ozon
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    I think the confusing element in this discussion is the term audio interface. An audio interface allows connections to a device (like a computer), but does not produce audio itself. It’s more or less a glorified patchbay.

    The requested feature has nothing to do with using the internal audio interface for a connected computer nor with the capability of the M+ to use external audio interfaces instead of the internal one.

    It’s about audio streaming between two devices without using an interface.

    This feature is known from e.g. Elektron Overbridge enabled synths and the Access Virus TI. It would be really cool, but I wouldn’t know what to do with it…😯 …yet.

  • Kubrak
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    Yes, but M+ would have to act like audio interface/source. It would require change in M+ software and also driver.

  • Rhythm Droid
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    This is related to my issue as well.

    I want to have multiple analog i/o with MAS+ so I can use it as the mix engine for my hardware in a live context, but I also want to connect it to my computer for multitrack recording.

    I bought a Presonus StudioLive 32 with the specific "it will work with Maschine+" from the Presonus rep. But it does not. The idea was to connect Maschine to StudioLive via USB, and StudioLive to Mac via AVB/Ethernet. MAS+ doesn't recognize the device = (

  • Kubrak
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    Maybe asking Presonus to deliver Linux drivers and NI to include it in M+ would work. Better said asking NI to negotiate and ask Presonus for cooperation/support.

    And it would adress the needs to get audio from M+ standalone to PC.

  • skrutiny
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    Hey there, yeh that sucks. I tried that desk too. What i have tested and found to work which might be of interest to you is the tascam model 24 does connect and can recieve all 16 outs. It cannot recieve from m+ and send audio to daw at the same time tho, so you have to use the built in multi track recorder which can record 22 ch to SD simultanously, and then disconnect usb from m+ then connect to pc. Granted, the tascam with it's basic eqing, fx, lack of motorised faders and limited sub groups is a very different desk to the presonus. however, you can get 5 aux sends and returns out of it which makes it quite fun to run with some nice analog outboard. I cant help but feel that the m+ would massivly benefit from an industry standard feature such as dante which would open up some decent desk possibilities, otherwise for pro live use it's really not that serious a machine ( then theirs the glitches and crashes to also consider! ) and until such time i consider it an expensive toy to play with and jot some ideas down. Personally, i have zero interest in oodles of sample based presets, or vsts that i cant see a gui for. All i'm intersted in is real time sampling and intuitive midi control of analog gear.

  • Rhythm Droid
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    Thank you for the input! Actually, I have tried the Model 24 and was very pleased that it worked as expected. Although I was bummed that the AUX sends didn't have their own audio stream over USB.

    Yeah, I'm feeling the same way. To actually have REAL support of audio interfaces would open it up as promised. Honestly, I'd save up for another couple MONTHS if there was a Maschine+ compatible interface which connected to Maschine+ over USB and then to my Mac over ethernet. I've started a Maschine+ compatible interafaces thread in this forum so we can compare notes. I don't care if I have to buy some crazy DANTE enabled thing...I just want it to be the bridge between all my gear and actually WORK with Maschine+.

  • skrutiny
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    I'd like to test the A+H qu16, SQ5+6 desks as they all have dante and usb in + out streaming. I'll let you know if i lay my grubby hands on them.

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