is there a "list/experience" from the PlugIn FX/Inst CPU consumption in standalone?

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reason is, my workaround is a greater routing structure for Audioflow inside group and sound level and i need some sometimes verry low CPU consumtion PlugIns for that, to have a good CPU managment in standalone mode.

Sometimes I bypass the PlugIn but sometimes I just need an EQ or Filter, witch I don't know, what needs less CPU, as an example...

So I'm searching for the lowest CPU consumtion PlugIns in standalone mode.

Thanks and Cheers



  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 3,021 mod

    They are all pretty efficient, for example, if I use 10 EQ's in each of the 16 Pads resulting in 160 EQ's my CPU usage is around +-20%.

    If you want to know if other FX are more efficient then you gotta test it, do as I did above for each an compare the numbers.

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