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Hi Community,

Im producing for. about two years now and after i bought my Komplete Audio 1 and the m32 keyboard i really became a big Fan of NI's Soft- and Hardware. Unfortunarely my start into making music myselve was with the Presonus Atom SQ and Studio One Artist 5, there's nothing wrong with all this stuff but after Ableton Live Lite, as well as Maschine software of course have me Back this DJing feeling from the early 90's untill i got father in '07. I'm my budget for my hobby is quite small, so the price is a huge problem… I've got an offer for a 'Studio' in perfect condition with 2 years of warranty for 259€ another one for the MKIII for 369€, Maschine Jam, which May BE the posibbly best to have a DJing live workflow is really rare and i have no concrete offer, a Mikro MKII i would get for around 100 € - without warranty. Any ideas and hints what i should buy?

PS: sorry for my terrible english and thanks for any answer✌️


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    Mikro MK2 (or 3 as by the title?): limited in its functions. You must be aware that you’ll use the computer and mouse for most of the things and the controller mainly for playing (the pads are the same, so on this aspect it’s on pair). The price (100) is in line of what you usually find, but I bought my Mikro MK3 for the same price (and saw it other times on that price), so maybe it’s a little bit too much, since you can buy a MK3 for the same price (but then: it’s the MK3 better than MK2?)

    Studio: a valid device and alternative, but abandoned. Its strengths: some more buttons for direct access to some functionalities (that otherwise require combination of SHIFT+buttons). Its weaknesses: the size (not portable at all), the fact that when MK3 came out with an integrated audio interface, all of a sudden Studio seemed like missing something and, as said, the fact that it’s abandoned (specially if you are on Mac you could have problems). I would chose it (well…I would not…I even sold mine…) ONLY if, since you already own an audio interface, you think you will NEVER move it from where it is. If you think you will ever be interested in using a Maschine otherwise (with a laptop on the sofa/by a friend/to perform live), even only one time, I would go the MK3 all the way (only its capability to be moved and to plug it and its audio interface with only one usb cable is worth the 100 more. Side note: it seems very strange to me to read they told you it has 2 years warranty: it’s not been produced from LONG time and it’s available only second hand…

    Jam: a VERY valid device, but in my opinion more as a companion of a ”normal” Maschine than as the main unit. It adds to the workflow, but it doesn’t replace it. In any case can be used alone to control most of Maschine software, but the experience will be different from the one of a pad controller (even only using it for playing with its little and not sensitive pads is another thing). More focused on playing already produced projects (direct access to many patterns, FXs parameters control, step sequencer largely expanded) than creating them.

    MK3: the more “complete” of them all. If it wasn’t for you mentioning the price as a big factor, I would have immediately suggested this one without discussions. Complete, actual, perfect form factor (it’s not the “little version”…it’s the way it must be, without empty spaces), with an audio interface for every occasion… and it also has things the Studio doesn’t have, like the touchstrip and its Live FXs that, since you named a “Dj experience” could be if your interest.

    Therefore: I understand the price concerns, but…for 100 more than a Studio… I would chose the MK3 all the way (you could eventually sell your Audio 1 and use only the Maschine Audio Interface, although it’s not perfect and doesn’t accept XLR cables).

    Even because sometimes spending a little more means spending less: if you buy a Mikro and will not be happy with the limited workflow, you’ll want to buy a bigger one. If you buy a Studio and in 1 year you will not be able to use it anymore (since it’s already abandoned), you’ll want to buy another one. If you’ll want for any reason to move from your studio, you’ll want another one…

    The only alternative imo it’s if you decide that for you it’s ok to use the computer all the time and what you want bare just a pad controller to play. In this case the difference from the price of a MK3 to the one of a Mikro is big enough to think about it. But, as said, be aware that for the same price sometimes you can find a Mikro MK3 (if the offer is for a 2).

    Otherwise…for 100 more…I would go for the actual, complete, not abandoned one.

    It’s 100 more: spare on something else and buy something that will make you happy! ☺️

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    I have Studio. mk3 and Jam. As already said Studio has some nice features, but it is not to carry it. I use it at home and do not move it at all.

    MK3 may do most of Studio (but not all), but it has audio interface on top and is easy to carry.

    Jam is great expansion of Studio or MK3, but not very great as the only controller. It is usable so, but.....

    I am not friend of Mikro..... I had it for few weeks and sold. Capabilities too limited.

    Hard to recomend, everyone has different needs and preferences..... But Maschine MK3 seems to be the best choise, if just one controller to buy. If you are sure you controller will stay at the desk all time and you are on Win, maybe Studio. But there is precedent of KK Sxx MK1 that was dropped from NI support of current SW, so Studio might be risky even on Win...

    If money is short and you want to be a bit futureproof Maschine MK3.

    Later on you may add Jam, if budget allows...

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    Def go for the bigger models, either Studio or MK3 but even an MK2 is much better than any Mikro models, bigger controllers offer much more control.

    I would not pay more than 300$ for an MK3 in 2024 tho, the last 2 sold on went for less than that:

    Always search on eBay with the advanced option of seeing complete/sold items to know at what real value things are being sold at VS what sellers ask for.

    Just make sure the seller has a software license transfer ID ready before you buy!

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