Stems Creator update?

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For the life of me I don’t know why .stems didn’t get uptake. I think it’s the greatest! Not working on my Mac M1 with Sonoma however. I found a fix online that involves using Terminal and entering code, but wasn’t successful. If any of the exceptionally talented programmers at NI could patch that you’d make life worth living again!


  • Psyearth5
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    Because it's in conflict with copyright music and stilling. I do septation on my older tracks so I can get better Mix or to just fix problems. I use Reverse Phase Polarity technique using two identical Audio Channels but one with reverse Polarity Phase, that will create sound cancelation. Now from this point and difference will result in sound getting through the small EQ difference ect. I learned to use it effectively so I can remove extrude any element from Audio , I was using this on the job on National TV Station in Cubase but basically every DAW will be able for separation.

    I hope that I at least explain how it hand how can you do it with more control and precision.

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