NI Access offering updates ignoring DAW OS version (Win7)

Kay Boarder
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My DAW machine is still Win 7 Pro SP1 x64 by hardware reasons.

NI Access offered updates fpr Massive X and Komplete Kontrol and I updated ...

Now I need latest offline installers compatible w/ Win7 Pro SP1 x64 for Massive X and Komplete Kontrol. Where to find ?

How can I manage a downgrade of these devices when offline installers are available ?

When downgrades worked, how to activate ?

As a NI Komplete customer since Komplete 2 special edition was released decades ago, I´m really peeved about that behaviour! I own several DAW machines (rackmount and laptops) running Win XP SP3, Win7 Pro SP 1 (32 and 64Bit) as also one of the laptops running Win10. But Komplete Ultimate CE is installed on the Win7 x64 DAW which is also a way more powerful machine for the purpose.

I bought Komplete 12 UCE for this Win7 x64 machine and don´t see any need upgrading hardware and software always. I don´t have the time for because music is my proifession and not my hobby. Buiding new DAW machines and setting up ALL new (not only NI stuff !) is way too time consuming (in my age).

So, any idea how to fix my problem ?

thx in advance

Kay Boarder


  • Kubrak
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    And what is the problem? Current Massive X and KK do not work?

    I have K13U CE installed also on Win7 x64, I may try....

    If they do not work, the best would be to contact NI Support to get last version that supports Win7. You authorise it just by running Native Access.

  • Kay Boarder
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    Thx for reply !

    Yes, KK hangs scanning plugins and MX shows isues in Reason 10.4 and 11 (latest build). In RSN MX doesn´t appear at all anymore,- possibly because it suddenly became VST3 only. I recognize the VST plugin is wiped from my C:\Programs\Steinberg\VSTplugins folder.

    "Contacting NI Support" means opening a ticket, I guess,- no ? I regret it´s impossible to call ´em anymore like in the past,- making it impossible to fix an issue "on the fly" and when urgently needed.

    I´m unsure about easyness of installing "legacy" standalone- and plugin- versions over already installed younger versions and activation of these.

    Unfortunately, NI Access doesn´t "feature" downgrades up to now. I hoped finding someone here who already ran into the same or similar issues.

    How did you manage installing (an upgrade of) NI K13 on a Win7 machine ? I didn´t buy the upgrade from K12 UCE up to K13 UCE because K13´s system requirements are Win 10 x64 and up. I guess the installer is at least. I usually buy "boxed", delivered w/ the installation media (SSD).

    So,- you say K13 installer works on Win7 Pro SP1 x64 machine ?


  • Kubrak
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    Yes, I had no real problem to install K13U CE on Win7. Installed it from installation HDD and used for almost a year. Than I started to work on new PC with Win10, so do not update plugins on Win7 anymore.

    The only problem was Guitar Rig 6 and Super 8, that NA did not offer for install on Win7. I downloaded installation files on Win10 computer and installed it on Win7 one and authorised by Native Access later on.

    I will try latest KK and MX on my Win7, but do not see any reason it should not work.

    Maybe that your problem is more VST3 related than Win7. And/or Reason related.

    You may uninstall KK and MX using Windows Add/Remove programms. And install older ones. Yes, I meant to open the Ticket, or use Live Chat.

  • Kay Boarder
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    Thank you !

    Where did you find/ download NI installation files ? Any link ? Can I find previous version files there too ?

    Yes, Reason is not VST3 compatible, but NI VST2.4 versions worked fine. The main problem is, when NI Access updated and installed Massive X, it wiped the VST2.4 version from VSTplugins folder and just only leaved VST3 version on my machine.

    Reason is only one of my DAW applications, I use Presonus Studio One 4.6 and sometimes latest Reaper and Traktion too. No VST2.4 version recognized anymore.

    NI Komplete Kontrol is another story in 1st place. Already the latest "standalone" version stops scanning plugins quickly when launched and hangs forever then. I didn´t try to use as a plugin because is senseless when plugin scanning fails.


  • Kay Boarder
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    just a note ...

    latest Massive X update, automaticly installed by Native Access, unexpectedly fixed the issues .

    I can use MX in Reason 11 and other hosts again as also NA still supports Win7 x64 SP1 system.

    So, as long NA supports updating NI products already being installed on a Win7 machine (NI Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectors Edition in my case),- all should run well.

    The source of issue seemed to be the plugin´s (Massive X) former update itself.


    Kay Boarder

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