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I know this will be a stupid question but want to check.... Im selling my Traktor S2 Mk3. The new owner will have the serial number to set up on their laptop. Once loaded onto their laptop, will they have access to all of the music i have previously downloaded from Beatport? Or will it literally make them start from scratch? I know a max of two laptops can use the same serial number. If they end up with my music too - im unable to clear from old laptop - i will just cover off in selling cost.

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  • Blindeddie
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    pretty sure the answer is No… the license you are transferring is for the NI hardware and any associated software that came with the original purchase. Beat port is a separate entity and any purchases you made from them would not be included in the NI transfer. If you wanted to sell your Beatport music, you would need to find out from them if you are even allowed (it does not appear so from what I read)

  • Kjo81
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    Aaah okay, thank you! Super helpful and it makes complete sense reading your comment that yes, it should just be the actual installation... Not all the music to go with it too as that is a separate thing.

    Much Appreciated!! :)

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