Looking for Coders for NKS (Kontakt)

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Hello all, I'm looking for coders who do custom coding for NKS (Kontakt) to join me on a project. Please get in touch if you are a coder or know of anyone. Thanks!



  • Vagus
    Vagus Member Posts: 412 Pro

    Are you looking for someone to do the NKS integration, or light guide integration? They're two very different things.

  • rsnt
    rsnt Member Posts: 2 Member

    I'm looking for a coder who I can work with to build out some more advanced functions into a sample based instrument series I'm developing. This will include all of the usual things like integration of graphic elements, effects modules etc, but yes they should also be familiar with, and competent in helping us deliver the instrument correctly for NKS. Light guide integration - is this what I'm thinking you're meaning, the coloured lights on the controllers? I'd love to chat at some point if you have a gap.

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