VST 3 update for Remaining VST 2 Synths?

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Most of the komplete effects and synths are vst3 these days, but a few remain vst2. Absynth, Reaktor, Battery, Guitar Rig and maybe 1 or 2 more.

Will these be updated to vst3 any time soon?

I ask as Cubase 12 won't scan the the folders they are installed in. I presume ill be able to move them to another folder (native access will still read the original folder I guess) as a work around for now. Things might get a bit iffy with updates etc in the future. But it will do for now I guess.

I do know steinberg are dropping vst2 going forward, so hopefully there is a plan to update them to vst3. I'm rather fond of absynth in particular, but use all the others a lot too.



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    I have no problem with NI VST2 plugins being registered (VST version 2.4 to be exact) and as a test, I put them in multiple locations...Have you added the folder to the VST Manager?

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    How ya,

    Yes, that's what I usually do. Native access always insists the NI stuff goes into nativeinstuments/64bitplugins. Otherwise it keeps saying can't locate plugins, reinstall etc.

    So I usually just add that folder in the vst plugin manager in cubase. Never been a problem before, but now it just causes a crash.

    No issues with the vst3 versions. I'll find a workaround for now, so not a big issue. But a bit of a nuisance if native access has to update etc.

    I just know Steinberg are dropping vst2 very soon, and the remaining NI stuff are the only vst2 I have. Been using vst3 of all my other plugins for as long I can remember.


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    you can customize the install location for VST2 64 bit in Native Access preferences. If you do move the plugins manually and get the “Repair” in Native Access, just click repair and point to the new location. It is not recommended that you”copy” the same plugin to multiple locations, because if there is an update, the plugin being registered by your DAW may not get properly update and then will cause problems with instances loaded in your projects. As far as Cubase crashing when pointing to the default NI folder, not sure what is going on there, when I tested, I put some plugs in the default location (the one you listed) and had no problems..,

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    One thing I forgot to mention is that there is a VST3 version of Komplete Kontrol that you can load in Cubase, then load VST2 plugins into that if they kill VST2 support before NI updates all plugins, but hopefully NI will get all plugins up to speed before then!

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    Was thinking this too. I just upgraded my computer and had to reinstall everything (ugh!! 😂) . I noticed some NI instruments were not in Cubase. Then I realized that I had to add the NI VST folder to Cubase scans because the missing instruments were VST2 still!!!??

    I think it's time for NI to upgrade these to VST3 already, it's been years and Cubase will understandably be phasing VST2 out.

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    Hey there, there are already numerous posts on the topic in the forum: VST3 support for NI instruments

    Also this article is updated regularly: VST3 Compatibility of Native Instruments Plug-ins

    For this reason I'll close this one. Feel free to comment on the existing one.

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