Is it just me or is the S2mk3 main output a little too quiet?

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Hi the S2mk3 is generally great and I use it a lot.

However just now I realize that the output is rather quiet. It's not the worst I ever heard but it seems unintentionally low. The stereo RCA is slightly louder than the minijack out, but both of them are too quiet. If I put the hardware master on max and turn everything into the red it starts clipping so it seems like this is the genuine maximum.

In contrast the headphone output is awesomely loud and that's probably more important. Unclear why the headphones are super loud but the master isn't built the same.

I tried plugging in a power supply (12v 1.5A) and it powers the controller but there's no change in volume.

Is this an intentional design limitation, or a mistake? Can it be improved in some way?


  • lord-carlos
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    I'm not aware of anything that can boost the master out.

    What speakers do you have connected to the s2?

  • PK The DJ
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    @OSKR rather/too quiet compared to what?

    There are two standards for line level in common use. The "consumer level" of -10dBV and the "pro level" of +4dBu.

    It's usually the case that equipment with RCA connections will use the lower consumer level, whereas equipment with XLR outputs will work at pro level.

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