How are y'all running Kontakt through MainStage?

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I create a patch, then within that patch I create a software instrument and run Kontakt through that. It plays fine, but when I save the concert with a Kontakt plugin and go to re-open, MainStage crashes every time.

Apple support couldn't figure it out after an hour.

I've double checked my Ram, and I don't see that I'm coming close to the 16gb I have. I'm hitting about 9gb.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    What's your operating system?

    Do Kontakt and Mainstage have full disk access? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    If yuou open Kontakt in standalone, is everything functional?

    Do you have a Kontrol MK3 keyboard?

  • KushKing
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    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for reaching out, I greatly appreciate your help. Hope you are doing well.

    Thank you for the fast response!

    So I took your suggestion and have granted Kontakt and MainStage full disk access. It did not fix the issue however, though thank you for calling this out as something to do regardless.

    If I open up Kontakt, yes everything is functional, in that I can play these beautiful noises via my MPK249 Midi.

    I have an Imac 2015, running Monterey version 12.7.4.

    I am running a similar setup as Marc Rebilliet if you know who that is or if that helps at all.

    I have a slightly different routing going on then him however as I am using a Scarlett Focusrite to send my audio out to my speakers. Where as he uses the Boss RC 505 directly out to speakers. I have my Computer (midi/daw) sending out to my Boss RC 505 via USB, and then my Boss rc 505 sending out to my Focusrite.

    However that is probably more context then needed as I'm not sure routing could have an impact to being able to open the daw right now.

    Everything seems to work well when I open a blank plug-in and add Kontakt into it. I can play and have a great time, it seems to only have issues when I re-open a saved concert with Kontakt plug-ins

    This hasn't been the case every time, but testing again today and I've had a little more luck opening with about 2-3 patches each with a separate Kontakt plugin. 4 or more seems to crash ever time.

    Below is a screenshot of my patch, channel strips if that helps at all.

    If I can provide any other bits of information please let me know.

    Take your time on a response - thanks!


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Andrew, I've contacted you bu email, we'll need to have a deeper look into this issue.

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