How to assign to a cue point higher than 8?

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I have read that you can have up to 32 cue points, and possibly more than that. But I have not discovered how to specify that I want to add a cue point to a value above 8. I realize that if I have filled all 8 cue points, then pressing "STORE" might shove the new one at 9, for example, but that's not what I want to do.

Rather, I want to keep my cue points consistently mapped to specific locations on my pads based on what kind of cue point the are. If I want to add ones I don't plan on triggering via my controller, such as Load, Fade In, or Fade Out cue points, I would like to be able to always keep those at values above 8 so they don't take up space on my controller's pads. And I don't want to have to have filled all my pads first, since sometimes I want to leave some spots open since that track may not have a specific cue that normally belongs at that location.

Is there any way to specify what value a cue point should be assigned to above 8?


  • Sûlherokhh
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    So far as i know, no. I have played with this quite a bit and you gave a good description of what is possible in your first paragraph.

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    There’s a bit of a work around for this.

    You have to uncheck “store grid marker as cue point” in your preferences first.

    Then, you set a grid marker at the point you want you your load/fade/point at. This gives you a grid marker, WITHOUT a Hotcue number assigned to it.

    THEN you change the cue type of that grid marker to whatever you want. This gives you a load/fade marker WITHOUT a number reference.

    This leaves all 8 hotcues free to be mapped to whatever you want.

  • Mandiboy
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    Here is a workaround:

    1) Make sure you have unchecked option Menu/Analyze Options/Store Beatmaker as Hotcue

    2) Store new Cue as Hotcue

    3) Change Cue to Grid (it deletes the number of Hotcue actually)

    4) Change Grid to desired cue type (no number then)

  • Sûlherokhh
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    As far as i know and personally experienced the trouble with all solutions starts when out of the blue i load a track that i have prepared with 10 numberless hotcues and let's say 2 hotcues with numbers ONE and TWO. BAM, 6 of the 10 hotcues without any number suddenly are assigned numbers three to eight automatically without me doing anything.

    The only way i know to have lots and lots of hotcues without any number is to have ALL OF THEM be of cue type GRID. But if you do that, it gets a bit complicated when actually adjusting the beatgrid on the fly.

  • wayfinder
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    You can clear the number from an existing cue point by mapping another cue onto it – basically, stealing the number from it. Steps:

    1. select position for the cue you want to be unnumbered and press the cue button
    2. hit a cue pad to store it in that pad (still numbered! but wait)
    3. hit another cue pad to make your thief cue
    4. hit the map button
    5. hit the first cue pad. now the first cue should have lost its number.
    6. delete the second cue (or use it to steal the numbers from other cues!)

    That sounds a little confusing, and it's a bit fiddly, but it seems to work, as long as you don't use the store button afterwards again, which would assign cues without numbers to as many unused cue pads as it can, automatically! You don't want that. But creating cues via the cue pads won't do that, so continue to use those for more cues.

    And if you end up with Fade or Load markers on the cue pads, and you have other cues you want there instead, mapping will do that too. Just select the cue in the dropdown, hit map, and then the pad you want to have it on. Whatever marker is on there will now be numberless.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    True, but all unnumbered non-grid-type hotcues are still viable targets for Traktor to assign a free number to at any later date when it feels like it. 🐭

  • Punchey
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    Thanks to everyone for all your input. These all come *very close* to answering the question (unless the answer is simply "no"), but ideally I'd like a way to assign the cue number to a new cue, and be able to make that number above 8. If this is just not currently possible, then that seems like a feature gap to me. I otherwise don't understand the point of having numbers assigned to cues above 8 if you can neither refer to them by number, nor assign their number.

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