How to move the mapped keys of an official instruments up or down an octave

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Let's take this daiko as an example. The company officially maps this instrument's sound from C1 to F#4. How can I move the whole range down or up an octave so that for example the whole usable range now becomes C0 to F#3? (like the whole colored area down an octave)


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  • DodMod
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    Your screen shot does not show the whole instrument. If you click and drag the dotted triangle in the bottom right corner (to enlarge the kontakt area displayed) you will expose the buttons which includes the mapping button.

    However to change the position of the map you just need to click the up and down triangles to the left of the pitch and modulation wheel displays. This should move the coloured range.

  • stephen24
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    This script was written for keyswitches, but it will relocate any block of notes equally well. Alternatively, if you've only got one instrument in the instance of Kontakt, you can use multiple copies of the factory script mentioned. (The colours on the keyboard won't be moved however.) Be sure to save the changes as a multi.

  • JonathanNg
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    Thank you stephen24, this is exactly what I wanted! I have never use custom script in KSP before because I don't know coding language...

    Forgive my stupid question but now i know what the script can do, is there a way to immediately know what is the corresponding number of a note immediately? Like Now I know C1 is 24 but is there a way to always know which note is which number?

  • JonathanNg
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    I feel like I know the answer already...... thank you....

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