When I export my project (42min set), it only exports a 1/3 of it and not the whole file?

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Hi everyone!

So I just created whole set list for an event coming up using all wav. files of songs that I will be DJ-ing. It's 13 songs total. But when I export the track as a whole wav. file, it takes forever only 3 minutes of the set actually uploads when it's done when it should be 42min. I'm not sure if I'm exporting it wrong.

Photo below is a 42 minute long set. But when I export it, it only transfers as a 3min long wav. when I go to play it through iTunes. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

I really appreciate any advice.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    What's your operating system? Where do you export the audio? Have you tried to specify another location? Can you share a screenshot of your audio export settings?

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