Komplete Kontrol mapping macros with Ableton

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Hi @JesterMgee

I had a quick question relation to Komplete Kontrol mk2 and controlling macros in Ableton 11, after watching your old mk1 video on YouTube.

A pretty insightful and comprehensive watch, though I had a question relating to plugin instances. If I load an instance of KK via plugins menu I get no circular macro control page, yet if I load the plugin as an instrument rack (included in the NI host integration folder), these show. Examples below. Is there a way to assign this tab without loading an instrument rack, or do I need to create these myself somehow? Hope that makes sense to you or my question is clear. Maybe I am missing something.


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    The macro section is part of an instrument rack so just wrap in a rack, that is what allways do with every VST plugin anyway since assigning a few parameters to the macro that I want to easily automate is far better than flipping through pages of options. I also have an EQ8 and compressor for every instance so I create a rack for my instruments and sort it away in my custom library and literally never use the plugin menu again. Cannot really think of any downside to having instrument racks, only benefits.

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    Ok, sweet. Ctrl G (Windows) or Cmd G (Mac). That's really helpful.

    This vid here is a great addendum. All these tips from the other side of the planet. Must be something in the water out there in Australia. Thanks

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