Blurry Waveforms No Sound (Traktor 3.11.1)

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Sometimes, in the Trantor program, the music playing stops playing, or it loops, and the waveform becomes blurred.

Subsequently, it is not possible to upload music to the deck

To resolve I have to quit Traktor, and when I do Traktor doesn't shut down completely and it stops responding, so I have to force quit.

(Traktor version 3.11.1, then switched to version 3.7 and the problem has not changed) 

I'm using the m4 mk3 and macbook air m1 (Sonoma 14.3.1).

The music collection is located on the internal disk of the MacBook

This is a very serious problem, I noticed that I am not the only one with it and it often occurs. 

Why is NI ignoring such a serious problem?

Please help us!


  • OliverGross
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    Oh no, then it‘s still there in 3.11.1 with the Apple Silicon Macbooks.

    For me it has helped to disable the setting „Loading only into stopped deck“.

    But yes this is only a Workaround and this bug should be fixed. But it‘s really not easy to find out what the cause is for this.

    Can you reproduce it with this Track you have played as it occurs?

  • Icekenga
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    Unfortunately, I can't send the video. But this track is not the problem. This trouble can happen to any track that previously sounded without problems. I've heard that disabling the "Loading only into stopped deck" function in the settings helps someone. But I would like to give this problem more publicity so that NI can fix it.

  • OliverGross
    OliverGross Member Posts: 39 Helper

    Yes, I also think the cause is not a specific track. But I had the hope that maybe you could reproduce this and so they could narrow down this bug.

    Does the Loading setting help you?

    They said they had fixed this one and I have tried it now several hours to play with the Loading enabled and till now I haven‘t had This Crash again. But you seem to experience again. Are you still on 3.7? This is interesting, I thought this bug has started with the native Support of silicone but it seems to be broader than this.

    I have changed to a M2 Macbook with 3.9, before that I have used an Intel Macbook and never had such a crash. It seems to be a general problem with the silicone architecture.

  • ChrisMadem
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    the solution is check consystency after finish importing any track in your playlist and of course STOP PLAYING TRACKS FROM only inside the traktor...had the same problem and solved it ...8 months now without any problem..

  • djvic91
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    I've been a traktor user for 20 years plus. I've had it happen to me a had full of times with i7 and i think 2 levels lower than that. there was some symbols in the tracks name. example Take me higher [ the luk} mix$$] traktor doesn't like that. the track causes a crash and it stops playing. you have to load a new one or use the other deck.

    the track starts to go blurry but it still plays and then it starts to buffer and slowly starts getting distorted. if it doesn't stop playing you got lucky. a bit distorted and then it comes back. it happens with different tracks never really can be duplicated with the same track.

    sometimes the sound and video card is telling you it needs to be checked out might be going bad or cache needs to be cleaned up because its having a tough time processing because its dirty and full. check and see if your latency spikes .

    i started paying attention when it happens, all the things i talked about. deck a, deck b, as its happening can i lower the volume up and down? wiggle the cross and channel faders etc. just so i can pin point it. Webb sites, are they good or third world sites have have the mix you want? are they infecting your mac?

    i still have not come up with a perfect solution but symbols do cause crashes, cache being full causes problems and had malware in one mac so i stopped going on the internet with work (djing) macs. use an older one to download.

    if you loop it and it goes away than its internally your mac because now its had time to catch up to the buffering. is your mac getting hot? you can put a program to increase the fans and see the temperature when its happening. clipping can cause shut downs, crashes.

    maybe it helps but its what I've experienced. just my feedback

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